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Rear Admiral Renos wakes from coma while crew explore Class-O planet

PLANET DQ-1908-P, DELTA QUADRANT — In a deep coma since an encounter with a previously unknown subspace species, Rear Admiral Renos regained consciousness unexpectedly while the USS Apollo crew explored a nearby planet.

Apollo crew make First Contact with subspace species and recover missing crew

UNCHARTED SPACE, DELTA QUADRANT – An encounter with mysterious new species revealed the whereabouts of missing Admiral Renos.

USS Apollo investigates disappearance of Admiral Renos

POUIYEOG REGION — The disappearance of the USS Apollo-A’s commanding officer Rear Admiral Renos was met with shock and grave concern by the senior crew of the vessel.

USS Apollo sees off Hierarchy threat after ambush in Delta Quadrant

POUIYEOG REGION — The Hierarchy was forced to retreat after a battle on two fronts between Outpost Unity and New Talax.

USS Apollo-A ambushed by Hierarchy battleship after responding to distress signal

NEW TALAX — The Starfleet crew of the USS Apollo-A responded to a distress signal from embattled Talaxians and were ambushed by the Hierarchy.

Zakdorn suspicions revived in build up to USS Apollo-A relaunch

ZETA-GELIS REGION — Starfleet and Zakdorn relations feel the strain as the next phase of ‘Project Full Circle’ prepares to launch.

Shore leave cancelled for crew of USS Apollo-A

EARTH SPACEDOCK — While enjoying shore leave at Earth Spacedock, the crew of the USS Apollo-A is recalled and quickly find out that not all is as it seems.

The crew of the USS Apollo, NCC 71669-A, after completing a series of challenging missions, were enjoying a respite of shore leave on Earth Spacedock. After enjoying a formal meet and greet party to welcome aboard new crew and recognize the efforts of all, the crew began to follow their own routines while waiting for the Apollo’s Quantum Slipstream Drive to be replaced and declared fit for flight. Unfortunately for the crew, their plans were about to change.

Shortly after the party, Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti was briefed on a mission by Starfleet Command that needed the Apollo’s immediate attention. Nicholotti soon issued the order for the Apollo’s crew to return to the ship while much to the chagrin of the Apollo’s Chief Engineer, Lieutenant Commander Luna Walker, the spacedock’s engineering crews gave top priority to the Apollo’s repair work.

Once the repairs were complete, Nicholotti summoned the senior staff to the briefing room and informed them of their mission. The Apollo was being sent to rendezvous with a contingent of delegates from the planet of Sharshay to discuss the possibility of them entering the Federation. After answering all the staff’s questions about the mission and discovery was shared. Black boxes had been found on the ship, which turned out to be tracking and recording devices. Someone was spying on the Apollo and her crew.

Determined to complete their mission, the crew of the Apollo set about the task of departing spacedock and plotting a course for the nebula where they would meet the delegation. While the majority of the crew completed departure preparations, Commander David Cody led a small team in a mission to locate and disable the black boxes.

Back on the bridge, Commander Alex Blair led the bridge crew through the final checks before departure. As Nicholotti entered, Blair moved to turn over the conn allowing the commanding officer to begin the mission. Instead, Nicholotti stood aside and simply said, “Commander, if you would do the honors?”

USS Apollo-A saves the day and returns home

EARTH SPACEDOCK — After foiling the plans of Sicarius agents, the crew of the USS Apollo-A head home for much needed shore leave.

After defeating the Sicarius ship and managing to find a way to save the planet, in both universes, the crew of the USS Apollo, NCC 71669-A, under the orders of Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti headed home. Shortly after Nicholotti gave the order to set course for Earth Spacedock at the best possible non-slipstream speed, the crew was dismissed for a much needed period of shore leave.

With the arrival of seven officers from the USS Columbia, Nicholotti saw a need for a party to bring the two crews together, and she put Lieutenant Commanders Alex Blair and Randal Rennyn to the task. The two officers spent the evening planning an elegant formal meet-and-greet party for the senior staff the following evening, which was mandatory for all to attend.

While the party was indeed the most pressing event for the second day of leave, the crew did not waste their day before it began. Several members of the crew met up in a lounge to catch up. When the party finally began it was an elaborate affair. The crew arrived dressed in their finest tailored Starfeet dress uniforms and found an elegant setting in which to get to know one another.

After giving the crew time to begin mingling, Nicholotti arrived, not exactly dressed for the occasion, and immediately called for everyone’s attention. Nicholotti proceeded to handout ribbons to the crew, some of which were being giving to the former Columbia crew from Captain Brek. After Nicholotti finished with the awards she proceeded to call up several members of the crew one at a time. Lieutenant Commander Lan Riel, Lieutenant JG Gina Es-Aleh, and Lieutenant JG Merrick R’Ven were all promoted.

“Thanks to everyone for all that they do to keep this ship going,” said Nicholotti. “And with that, you are all free to return to the party!”

USS Apollo-A fights off Sicarius while helping save an early warp civilization

NEUTRONIA — While investigating a distress call, the crew of the USS Apollo-A had to fight off Sicarius attackers while helping an early warp civilization prevent a planet-killing disaster.

After crash-landing on the planet of Neutronia, an away team led by Lieutenant Commander Alex Blair was quickly greeted by members of the Neutronian government. These government officials, who were exultant about seeing their first ‘aliens’, were quick to explain to the away team why they had sent the distress call. There was a scientific research project that had the potential to eradicate the planet and its inhabitants unless its power generating capabilities were somehow subdued.

Upon hearing the news, Lt. Cmdr. Blair split the away team into two groups. The first would be led by Lt. Cmdr. Blair and would hold first contact talks with the Neutronian first minister, and the second, led by Lt. Cmdr. Lluneh Walker, was tasked with trying to help solve the technical problem.

Shortly after the groups parted ways, alarms started blaring throughout the complex. The building had been infiltrated by a group of commandos who turned out to be Sicarius agents. During the attack, Lt. Cmdr. Walker, through a byproduct of the experiment, was replaced by her parallel universe brother Captain Ben Walker.

After a brief battle, at the end of which Commander David Cody laid out the framework to infiltrate the Sicarius organization by convincing and agent that he was the group’s leader, the two groups reunited to put in a combined effort to once and for all stop the failed experiment and save the planet.

Meanwhile back on the USS Apollo (NCC 71669-A) the short staffed bridge crew, under the guidance of Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti, had their hands full fighting a small Sicarius attack craft. Deeps in the midst of battle reinforcements arrived in the form of a runabout full of new crew. Once the auxiliary craft docked with the Apollo, their eagerness to help out was voiced through the new tactical officer Lieutenant Commander Vitor Tito.

“Just got yourselves two new doctors, one scientist, one tactical one security, one ops and a helmsman waiting for orders, what’s the word?” he asked.

As the new crew made their way through the ship, the worst case scenario began to play out. The Sicarius found a way to transport onto the Apollo and started to sabotage the ship. The combination of new crew and intruders aboard, everyone was on edge unsure who was authorized to be aboard and who was not. Acting on a spur of genius, Lt. Cmdr. Kevin Breeman released a series of automated drones to help track down intruders.

As the intruders were tracked down, the tactical department on the bridge worked diligently to fend off the attacking ship. Ultimately Breeman and Ensign Gina Es-Aleh concocted a plan that would be a major blow to the attacker. They would breach a subspace layer creating a swirling effect that would be powerful enough to knock back the Sicarius and hopefully end the attack.

With a plan in place, a full spread of torpedoes was launched at a subspace ripple and the resulting feedback pulse was created. This pulse was not only powerful enough to harm the Apollo, but it also destroyed the Sicarius ship. As the Apollo communicated with the away team for the first time, the feedback pulse also played an unexpected part in solving the problems on the surface as well. For the first time since the mission began, things were starting to look good.

USS Apollo-A responds to distress call from unknown planet

NEUTRONIA – While traversing the Typhon Expanse, the USS Apollo-A responds to a distress call from a previously unknown planet.

After a brief period shipboard shore leave, the crew of the USS Apollo, NCC 71669-A, soon found themselves back in action as the ship returned to its normal duty of patrolling the Typhon Expanse. Not long after the crew began to establish themselves in their normal shipboard routines, the crew detected a high priority emergency distress call. Without hesitation, Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti ordered that the message should be played.

“To any civilization or sentient being who can hear this. I am First Minister Quleum K’Prion of the planet Neutronia. An incident has occurred on our planet which has the potential to cause catastrophic danger in a matter of days. We are unable to handle this situation on our own and are in need of help. Please if anyone can hear this message, help us.”

Upon hearing the distress call, Lieutenant Commander Alex Blair recalled the senior staff to the bridge while Ensign Derovan Saalik triangulated the source to a planet that had never been contacted by the Federation. As the senior staff returned to duty, there was much discussion of whether helping the Neutronians would be a violation of the Prime Directive, but ultimately a decision was made. An away team would be sent to the surface to discreetly investigate the problem and determine whether contact would be advisable.

Charged with the task of leading the investigation, LtCmdr Blair was sent to the surface with an assemblage of many senior staff members including the Apollo’s resident ambassador Lieutenant Commander Rune Jolara.

With the team gathered aboard a shuttlecraft, LtCmdr Blair piloted the vessel to the surface intending to hide along one of the planet’s magnetic poles to stay hidden. As the shuttle entered the atmosphere an electromagnetic pulse was emitted from the ground in an attempt to lessen the potential of catastrophic failure of a government research project. The EMP was incredibly powerful and knocked out almost all of the shuttle’s systems causing the away team to crash land outside the project site.

Meanwhile aboard the Apollo, FltCapt Nicholotti and the remaining crew had their hands full as well. While trying to keep tabs on the away team, Ensign Gina Es-Aleh detected what was believed to be another ship entering the area. Unfortunately the presence of another ship could not be confirmed as it appeared to be cloaked.

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