Warp Signatures Discovered Near Emisa, USS Arrow Dispatched

Warp Signatures Discovered Near Emisa, USS Arrow Dispatched

ALPHA ISLES, DEEP SPACE 33 — After the discovery of potential warp signatures in the previously unexplored Emisa system, Starfleet Command has dispatched the USS Arrow to investigate.

The USS Arrow, NCC – 69829, ends its shore leave on a note of trepidation. Sources within Starfleet Intelligence confirm that a recent spike in the frequency and severity of gravimetric distortions has been detected in the Emisa system. Independent experts consulted by the FNS explained that this information would be consistent with the effects of warp travel, though without greater detail they could not speculate on the precise identity behind the warp signatures.

Little is known about the Emisa system. Astronomers believe it to be home to at least one world within the star’s habitable zone, but no Starfleet or independent survey has been conducted to date. In the wake of the recently declared annexation of most of the Alpha Isles by the newly announced “Lattice Alliance” formed by Sheliak and Tholian factions, some speculate that the signatures are an advance by the Alliance to secure territory.

Tensions aboard the Arrow are clearly high, as few members of its crew have gone on record to discuss their feelings. One medical officer who declined to be named said only, “Trap!”. Others aboard the Arrow expressed a more deterministic view. “This is a warship,” explained Ens. Imogen Lacy. “It’s small, old, and a little smelly, but at its most basic level, it is a set of weapons stapled to a set of engines. I don’t know why Starfleet Command would send us, but I am certain they sent us for a reason.”

Others were not so certain. “Our hope is that we will be able to exercise Starfleet’s primary mission of exploration,” said Cmdr. Cayden Adyr, the Arrow’s Executive Officer. “Even in times where conflict looms, discovery awaits behind every unexplored star.”

This is a developing story, and we are committed to providing updates as they are uncovered.

Written by Nolan Hobart

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