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Poll of the Week: Worst Flag Officer?

The term “flag officer” stems from more primitive years of Earth’s warfighting period, when ships bearing a fleet’s highest ranking officer (ostensibly a commodore or higher) would indicate this fact by flying a certain pennant or ensign. Despite such methods being outdated by 400+ years, the term persists at least into the end of the 24th century, and instead has come to denote someone of great experience and wisdom within the higher echelons of Starfleet.

That said, there’s a common theme running through much of canon Star Trek; despite their lofty positions and sizable achievements, many of the flag officers portrayed aren’t all that great. In some cases, they’re simply breathtakingly incompetent. This is exemplified best by Commodore George Stalker, who decided not only to declare himself in command of the Enterprise, but then proceeded to violate the Romulan Neutral Zone. This is especially egregious, considering he had not one iota of starship command experience under his belt, having served as an administrator all of his career.

In other, more malicious cases, flag officers have chosen to betray Federation principles and the safety of Starfleet personnel in the pursuit of, among other things, the greater good. An example of the above might be found in DS9’s “Homefront”, in which Admiral Leyton recruits the members of Starfleet Academy Red Squad to sabotage the planetary defense network of Earth during the Dominion War. Another is Admiral Mark Jameson, who violated the Prime Directive by providing weapons to a hostage-taker in return for securing their release, an decision that led to forty years of brutal civil war on the planet Mordan IV.

There’s no shortage of poor flag officers in the Federation- which one do you think is the worst? Give us your vote and let us know your reasoning in the comments section below! 

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USS Veritas launched nearly 600 years back in time

THE SHOALS – While investigating a reported Borg vessel in orbit of a dead planet in the Shoals, the USS Veritas was sent hurtling back in time.

Robert Duncan McNeill on Directing Star Trek: Discovery

Best known as Tom Paris in Star Trek: Voyager, Robert Duncan McNeill has managed to parlay his acting career into an impressive portfolio of directing roles. In a recent interview with, McNeill admitted that though he has actively pursued a chance to direct an episode of the newest Star Trek series Star Trek: Discovery, he feels that the chance will be unlikely, for a worthy reason:

“I wanted to direct Discovery. I met with their producing director. I didn’t know the show that well, but I met with him on their last hiatus to talk about season two. I also produce now. So, I hire a lot of directors. The last few years, there’s been a seismic shift in terms of the priorities toward female and diverse directors. That reality now has meant that what used to be normal, which was a lot of white guys, to be quite honest, has changed. Some shows are mostly women directing. I think Jessica Jones, last year, had all female directors. Handmaid’s Tale. A woman may direct the next Star Trek movie. Most importantly, it’s a wonderful thing that’s happening. I’m proud that on other shows I’ve produced — The Gifted, The Arrangement, Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce — I’ve brought in female directors. But, to answer your question, Discovery does a limited number of episodes and a priority there is to get female and diverse directors, so there are fewer opportunities for people like me, which is a great thing. But, yeah, if the opportunity arose to direct Discovery and I fit what they needed and it fit my schedule, I’d love to do it.”

Though it would be a great asset to have another experienced Star Trek director helming an episode in season two of Star Trek: Discovery, we need to applaud the push by the producers and the network to embrace more diversity and inclusiveness both in front of and behind the camera. recently ran an article detailing this interview, and expanded on the diverse cast of directors that Star Trek: Discovery has drawn in to work on the series. It also details a few suggestions for more diverse directors, including McNeill’s former castmate, Roxann Dawson.

It is heartening to know that Star Trek is still aspiring to attain the ideals that has graced our screens for over fifty years!

Wiki Highlight: Intelligent Lifeform Index

We first brought our wiki online in 2004 and since then have been building out a vast store of knowledge both about the In Character universe we write, but also about the Out Of Character community that we’re building. Nearly any question you have about how our group works can be answered somewhere on the wiki, as long as you know where to find it!

In this month’s wiki highlight column, we’re focusing on the Intelligent Lifeform Index. Click here to open this area on the wiki and take a look.

This is a resource that many, if not all, of us referenced when we first joined UFOP:SB118 and decided on a character to play. But have you looked recently at this often-updated and expanded list of species in the Star Trek universe? From fleshing out well-known species with small details gleaned in our own gaming universe to entire civilizations that were created solely by our members, this resource is one-stop shopping for species information!

If you are considering a new Personal NPC or tasked with playing a Mission-Specific NPC, why not flesh out your characters with the small details that bring them to life in your readers’ eyes? You might even learn something new and interesting about your own PC’s lineage…

USS Gorkon battles Andorian pirates

SIKUNA SYSTEM – While engaged in a diplomatic and medical relief mission, the USS Gorkon battled Andorian pirates to stop the theft of an experimental Romulan warbird.

Poll of the Week: Bad Luck

The unlucky day of Friday the 13th is almost upon us, and that has brought to mind the subject of bad luck. There are many ways people say you can find misfortune. A black cat crossing your path is a popular sign of bad luck. It’s said that breaking a mirror will bring you seven years of misfortune. Walking underneath a ladder or opening an umbrella indoors are both considered unlucky actions, not to mention just plain unsafe things to do. If you want a real example of bad luck, you need only look at some of the fates that befall Starfleet officers.

You could fall out into space through a hull breach. Some unlucky souls have been infected with rare alien viruses that are uncomfortable at best and downright horrifying at worst. Time travel or transit through different dimensions could strand someone in any number of unusual realities. There is also always the looming threat of everyday risks from combat with hostile aliens to transporter accidents. There’s no shortage of misfortune that can happen to a member of Starfleet, especially if said officer isn’t named and is wearing a red shirt.

However, fate seems happy to pile the misfortune on to some main characters more than others. It would be bad enough to be abducted, be tormented by a clown, or constantly fail to get a well-deserved promotion. All three, and more? It might seem like the universe just has it out for you. Some Star Trek main characters have even been killed, only to find out that not even death can end their streak of bad luck.

This week’s poll asks you which character you think always seemed to be dealt the worst hand by fate. Who do you think was the unluckiest main character in Star Trek?

New Academy Graduate

Please welcome our newest Academy graduate to the UFOP: StarBase 118 fleet: Conrad Adler!

Congratulations to June’s badge recipients

Badges are similar to our Community Awards in that they are awarded for out-of-character (OOC) participation and achievement. However, while Community Awards are bestowed on a yearly basis each June to recognize long-term achievement and outstanding performance among a peer-group, badges are reserved for incremental achievements or singular contest wins.

For the month of June, 2018, we’re happy to report the following badge recipients. Please congratulate them when you have a chance, and thank them for their contributions to the community!

BADGE: Awards Chairperson Awards Chairperson badge, UFOP: SB118
Presented to a staff member that has held the position of Awards Chairperson for an Awards Ceremony. If more than one staff member holds the title, or is appointed an assistant or deputy, all receive the badge.

  • Renos

BADGE: Awards Committee Participant Awards Committee Participant badge, UFOP: SB118
Presented to any staff member that participates in the yearly Awards Committee to select Duty Post and Special Awards.

  • Sal Taybrim
  • Brell
  • Maxwell Traenor
  • Oddas Aria

Learn more about badges, especially how to display them on the wiki and forums, by checking out the badges page on the wiki.

Dear Kr’Abby: Etiquette Questions

Dear Kr’Abby,

I have to attend a fancy dinner party with my Tellarite in-laws.  My mother-in-law is a terrible cook.  How can I argue with her to be polite without truly insulting her food.

-Disruptor Rifle Wedding

Dear DRW,

Well step number one is to visit your doctor before the visit and get a tongue-numbing agent.  Trust me, this has saved face in many inter-species dinner parties for centuries.

Second is to read up on Tellarite cuisine and learn as much as you can.  Your in-laws will be impressed by your knowledge and willingness to learn about their culture.

Third is to learn and then practice the careful art of making points about cooking without making them personal.  You can argue about the types of spices used or traditional cooking methods without directly insulting someone’s hard work.  Think of it this way – you could say ‘That dress has an asymmetrical cut that draws the eyes horizontally across the fabric creating an illusion of width.  I think it would look great on someone who was very tall and wanted the illusion of a rounder figure.”  Or you could say “You look fat in that dress.”  Which one do you think will get you punched?  Learn not to say that.

Dear Kr’Abby,

Should I headbutt my half-Klingon boyfriend to show him I like him?

-Young and Curious

Dear Young and Curious,


Then make him read love poetry to you and be sure to throw some chairs at him.

Also, book an appointment to see a doctor afterwards.  It will probably get rough, but it will be oh so worth it.

Dear Kr’Abby is written by Doctor B’Rusk, the Federation’s foremost half-Klingon psychologist who specializes in tough-love advice. We take submissions from across the galaxy!


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