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We offer the highest quality Star Trek role-playing experience on the internet today while providing a friendly online community. Founded in 1994, our group has been in continuous operation and evolution since, writing collaborative Star Trek adventures. 

No experience or extra software required.

All you need is an email address

Within just a few days, we will train you in how to play the game, introduce you to other new players, and assign you to one of our long-standing vessels playing a wide range of missions from space exploration and science intrigue, to full-scale starship battles.

You will improve your writing skills, meet players from all over the world, and read some of the best Star Trek fiction around.

We are constantly raising the standards of roleplaying in the Star Trek community

Immerse yourself in a cutting edge roleplaying experience in constant development since 1994. We're proud of our achievements and you could be part of our future.

We'll teach you everything you need to know

We endeavour to provide an amazing experience for everyone who’s a part of our community. We ask that all new members take part in a week-long training course to acclimate them to our way of simming. You’ll have fun, meet new people, and learn a few things while you’re at it!

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join a training group with our dedicated trainers

Our application guides you through creating the basics of creating a character so you can jump into one of our training scenarios with our experienced trainers. Don't know how to play? Don't worry. We’ve honed our method for over 20 years and are highly successful at quickly bringing new members like you into the game.

Learn How the Game Works

A Time-Proven, Sophisticated Training Program

The training consists of a practice simulation where you and your fellow applicants will be assigned positions on a cadet cruise and will receive orders to complete a fun, easy, mission tailored to explain everything you need to know about how to sim. Because of this, no previous role-playing experience is required to join our group.



Every day in training, you will receive tutorials about our game, covering everything that we can’t fit into the sim itself. Everyone on our team is eager to help you succeed and answer any questions you have, no matter how basic they seem! Each class lasts between five and eight days, and upon completion, you’ll be assigned to one of the ships in our fleet, a fresh-faced ensign ready for duty!

Join us today to discover the wonders of a whole new galaxy

We run classes every week in our Academy so you can jump right into the action.

Get involved in a community dedicated to embodying Star Trek​​

Discover new friends, writers, and fellow fans in an active roleplaying game and vibrant community with a rich history. Join our Discord server for monthly chats, regular events and our fleetwide annual awards ceremony.​

Elite Writers

We put a strong focus on writing and roleplaying collaboration. You'll get expert guidance from friendly mentors and your writing will improve just from working with other amazing members of your crew!

Activities for All

Our extracurricular taskforces are an outlet for anyone looking to meet people from across the fleet and help out. Help build our wiki, run live events, train new members, or run our social media accounts.

Regular Events

It's all going on here, from our monthly chats and friendly challenges to our annual awards ceremony. Respond to writing prompts, show off your trivia prowess, or get into our Star Trek Online gaming community. 

Diversity Champions

We believe diversity boosts innovation and creativity in our members, and our commitment to gender and racial diversity has set us apart time and time again from other groups.

Global Membership

You don't have to be in a server region or specific location. Our players are based all around the world, giving our community a diverse and fantastic feel. Connect with people from all walks of life.

Fleet Community

Thrive within our Fleet network community and get to know other Fleet members through our dedicated Discord server, packed with custom emojis and an incredibly friendly atmosphere.

Our members love us

Over 70% of our members have been with us for at least a year, and over 20% have been here for at least three years – all because we value our members and do everything in our power to make our community a deep and engaging experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Think of our game like writing a big Star Trek novel with a bunch of friends. Each of you has a character, and you write your piece of the story every few days. Those pieces of the story add up to a plot that lasts a few weeks, which is part of the ship’s larger narrative. You’ll receive other people’s pieces of the story via emails to your email inbox, and you simply reply to a special email address for everyone to receive your part of the story. 

Applying for membership and playing the game is entirely free. Our group is volunteer run and supported by donations. There are no hidden fees or premium content—just pure, collaborative storytelling at no charge.

Our sim operates in the “prime” timeline of Star Trek, which includes everything before the events which occurred in the 2009 movie directed by J.J. Abrams, and also includes the destruction of Nero’s homeworld, Romulus. The events of the rest of the movie, such as Kirk’s father dying on the USS Kelvin, did not occur in our timeline. The events of Star Trek: The Next GenerationDeep Space 9, and Voyager are all a part of our history and canon. For more information, check out the StarBase 118 Universe Primer to learn about what’s been happening in the “prime” universe since 2379! 

Training groups begin every Monday. You should apply to join today by completing and submitting your application! Once your application is approved, you’ll be scheduled for the next available class, where you’ll learn the ropes and prepare for your Star Trek role-playing journey.

Very! Check out our Community News, our forums, and recent changes on our wiki for a taste of how much is going on around the fleet. 

You can also check out our Sim Archive to see how active each ship is.

With members from around the globe, our forums, Discord channels, and email lists are always buzzing with activity.

No. Our game is asynchronous, meaning you can participate at your convenience. There’s no requirement to be online at the same time as others, allowing for flexibility with your personal schedule. We host monthly Fleetwide Chats on Discord for everyone to participate in and you are given plenty of notice if you want to attend!

To keep up with most ships, you’ll need to submit a piece of the story at least three times a week. (During training, we’ll ask you how often you plan to play, and you’ll have the chance to decide whether you would like a faster or slower playing ship.)

We encourage regular participation to maintain the momentum of the story, but we understand that life can be unpredictable. Communication with your ship’s command can help manage any necessary breaks or schedule changes.

Once you have attained the rank of Lieutenant, you may play up to two characters on two different vessels. But even before that, you’re welcome to create minor characters used on your current ship to help facilitate the plot and interact with your character on a daily basis. And you’re always welcome to retire your current character and replace him or her with a new character.

Initially, you focus on a single character and ship to fully immerse yourself in the experience. As you become more comfortable, opportunities may arise to explore additional roles or ships.

Consider the roles you were most drawn to when you watched Star Trek. Do you love the idea of piloting a starship? You’d make a great helm officer! Or perhaps you want the thrill of being the first person to respond to a call for help during an away mission? Security is the place for you. Maybe you loved watching Dr. Crusher and Voyager’s Doctor use the medical database to solve a particularly vexing illness from spreading through the crew? You should play a medical officer. Check out the duty post area on our wiki for more information about each role, and the duty post availability page to learn which roles are at capacity in our fleet, and which have the greatest need for players.

We welcome writers of all skill levels. While a basic grasp of grammar and storytelling is beneficial, we value creativity and passion for Star Trek above all. Our community is supportive and mentors are available to help you improve your writing. Don’t worry if you’re not a published author; enthusiasm for role-playing is our core requirement!

Our community is open to all ages, but we recommend that players under the age of 13 obtain parental consent. We strive to maintain a safe and inclusive environment for players of all ages.

We understand that real life comes first. If you need to take a break, we offer a leave of absence system. Just inform your ship’s command so we can accommodate your absence and welcome you back when you’re ready.

Character progression in StarBase 118 is based on a mix of in-character achievements and out-of-character participation. Promotions are decided by command staff when a player demonstrates consistent contribution, character development, and engagement with the community.

Our community extends beyond individual ships or stations. You can interact with the wider community through forums, Discord chats, and cross-ship activities. We also hold fleet-wide events and encourage participation in various taskforces that contribute to the game’s development.

Absolutely! Outside of roleplaying, members can contribute to the StarBase 118 Wiki, participate in writing challenges, join social media teams, or help organize community events. 

We have a comprehensive wiki that serves as a repository for Star Trek lore and our game’s history. Additionally, our community is knowledgeable and always eager to share information. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and dive into the resources available.

StarBase 118 operates within its own unique timeline that respects the established Star Trek canon. We incorporate elements from all series and movies but also allow for creative freedom to expand on the universe. Our lore is constantly evolving with the contributions of our members.

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We'll teach you everything you need to know

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All you need is an email address

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