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Awards Ceremony 2020 – Length of Service and Special Awards

Welcome to day two of the annual awards ceremony! Yesterday we announced the recipients of the General Awards. Today we’re proud to present the Length of Service and Special Awards.

Our Length of Service Awards recognize folks who’ve hit one of our membership tiers in the last year: 1-year, 3-years, 5-years, 10-years, 15-years and 20-years! Incredibly, we’re recognizing two 5-year commanding officers this year, and one 25-year member!

Special Awards is a catch-all category for awards that don’t fit elsewhere but mostly entail OOC community innovation and dedication. This is where awards like the Rising Star and Community Champion fit, recognizing members who are putting in an incredible effort. Just like with the Staff and Duty Post awards, only one of each award is given each year – only the very best are chosen so they are highly coveted awards that every player has a chance to be considered for by getting involved and giving it their best. (With one notable exception: The Xalor Clan Xifilis award is given to any player who has overcome any sort of disadvantage while simming. We don’t compare and weigh one person’s struggles against another but rather award this to all eligible and deserving candidates who are nominated for it.)

Head to the forums now to see who received each of the Length of Service and Special Awards from each ship across the fleet, and be sure to congratulate the winners!

Starbase118 logo on a purple starry background

The 2020 Awards Ceremony starts today!

Welcome to the 2020 Awards Ceremony!

Over the course of four days, we honour the people who have contributed time and effort in the past year to make this a great place to sim, and a great community to be a member of.

We’ll present to the fleet five categories of awards:

  • General: Honoring the members who’ve won this year’s General, or ship-based awards
  • Length of Service: Honoring members who have been with us for a year, all the way up to 10 years and more
  • Special: Honoring specific aspects of simming or OOC work
  • Staff: Honoring the work of our fleet’s staff members
  • Duty Post: Honoring the best simmer from each duty post

To start, we’re very excited to present the General Awards!

The winners are chosen by the fleet’s commanding officers (or in cases where the commanding officer was also nominated, the first officer was called in to decide) from the nominations made by you! This is your chance to see how each of the other ships did and see who picked up what award.

Find out who won each the general awards by heading to the forums, where you can read about and congratulate our talented award recipients.


USS Thor Makes Startling Discoveries, Fate Of Away Team And Colonists Hangs In The Balance

VEL MEIJAN, YSYDEN NEBULA — The USS Thor (NCC 82607), hanging in orbit above the long lost colony world known as Vel Meijan, is in a desperate race to save nearly 200 surviving colonists from vanishing into time and stranding an away team along with it.

Delta Flyer

Poll of the Week: Space Corvette

When we talk about shuttlecraft, we mean the fictional vehicles used within our science fiction universe. They are vehicles built for quick trips in space, for small crews and cargo, and for transporting between the large orbiting interstellar starship and the planet surface down below. Because of the ever-growing nature of starships and how they operate in space, landing these huge space vehicles became more of a hazard and a hindrance to the plot; instead, the ships stay moored in space like sea-faring vessels of old would remain out of the shallow waters while “launchers” in the form of shuttlecraft are used to ferry the Away Teams down through the atmosphere. Used alongside the transporter technology, a starship crew has multiple options to land on the surface of a planet or slip through space. Relied on for so much, yet the humble shuttlecraft has limited capabilities, making them perfect for the short-range transport and runabouts for longer-range travel where taking the starship wouldn’t be possible. 

On many ships around the ‘fleet, shuttlecraft have become personal projects, with some characters developing their own shuttlecraft through the sim over time, whereas other characters detest using them for one fear or another brought on by experience. Fans of Star Trek have recreated shuttlecraft on top of their minivans, showing the love there is out there in the real world for these people carrier equivalents flinging us through space.

The design and style of shuttlecraft vary across the Trek but that’s for another poll; for this one, we want to put your helm officers’ love to the test. This week, we want to know…

Wwhich of these favourite Starfleet-designed shuttlecraft is your favourite?

Click here to head to the forums now and vote in this week’s poll. Be sure to leave a comment in the thread!

Atlantis Crew Attends First Freeworlds Conference

ILLARA PRIME, PAR’THA EXPANSE — After a successful shipwide drill, Commander Jarred Thoran and crew received an invitation to participate in the first Freeworlds Conference.

Lower Decks Interview: Ensign Noa T’Nessa Levinson, Juneau

The title of this column is “Lower Decks,” hearkening back to the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode titled “Lower Decks,” in which junior officers aboard the Enterprise-D speculate on the reasons for recent unusual actions taken by the command crew near the Cardassian border.

We’re here with another interview with a newer member of our community. This month’s interview is with the writer behind Ensign Noa Levinson, playing a Human (3/4) / Vulcan (1/4) assigned to the U.S.S. Juneau.

GARCIA: Tell us a little about the writer behind the character — where in the world do you hail from?

LEVINSON: Hi! I’m Adi, although I usually go by Adingo. As to where I’m from, suffice it to say, I hail from a location close to Europe, that isn’t quite there. I currently work in software development, and occasionally like to program for fun.

What brought you to SB118, and what’s been your favourite part of being with the community so far?

Well, after a bunch of less than successful Star Trek RPs, I was looking for a group to join, and I saw a post on Reddit advertising the community. I looked around, and decided to try it out – a choice which turned out to be incredible!

My favorite parts so far are both the community itself, and the fact that I always improve my English – it’s my second language, and being around here has really helped to expand it so far, and I’m sure it will help more in the future.

New Academy Graduates

Please welcome our newest Academy graduates to the UFOP: StarBase 118 fleet: Ruq’orb, Jana Zicv, R’Ariel, Jodie Marie, Alora DeVeau, Sasaki Jona and Liam MacLeod!

USS Juneau Fully Commissioned, Investigates Unusual Comet

AAVARO WILDS — With the transfer to the newly commissioned USS Juneau (NX-99801) completed, Captain Oddas Aria and her crew investigate an unusual comet in the Uiliv System.

These donors are investing in our future

After the incredible outpouring of support in March to make sure we hit our May 2020 donations goal, more donors have continued to pitch in, ensuring that our fleet has no monetary concerns about keeping our site online and running for the future.

At the moment, we’re banking donations into our May 2022 deadline, and we’re now at 25% of the $1,500 goal. We’ve raised $380 with $1,120 to go.

We’re very grateful to these continuing donors: Jo Marshall, Wil Ukinix, Ferier Kian, Jacob Horne, Oddas Aria, and Serala! And huge appreciation to these first-time donors: Joshua Sutton and Dassa Alexander-Dalton!

Learn more about our donations program and contribute on our quick and secure Donations Station.

Happy Juneteenth! StarBase 118 stands united against racism

As a Star Trek roleplaying community, we have spent time considering what – if anything – of value we can say about the protests of the last few weeks as a result of the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and others killed by police. We recognize that failing to say something as a community is an indictment of the values we share, which are rooted in the idealism of Star Trek. To that end, we want to acknowledge the importance of the protests against police brutality, led by the Black Lives Matter movement, in the fight for a better future. And, we want to reiterate that as a creative community, diversity is our strength.

In addition, we want to support our Black members, and other people of color in our community, as we recognize that this is a difficult and painful time to bear witness to the images of discrimination and violence. Fundamentally, we stand shoulder to shoulder with our friends, neighbors, colleagues, and peers who–in addition to facing that reality every day–are forced to endure this onslaught of painful and infuriating imagery as well.

For some, our game is an escape from that reality—a chance to imagine a more equal and just future, in a community where mutual respect and compassion are more than just buzzwords. For others, it is an opportunity to talk about their identity and share, through the lens of science fiction, stories of their lived experiences, their ancestors, and their hopes. We support both paths and want to do everything in our power to make our game a place where we can celebrate Black hope and joy.

Despite our ideals, we also know that roleplaying has often been a bastion of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and other discriminatory behavior, against people from under-represented and minority backgrounds. As a long-standing community, it is our responsibility to be eternally vigilant in eroding those forces while focusing on creating a safe, shared space welcome to those who share in our values and seek the fellowship of community.

In aspiring to be antiracist, we want to share the measures we’ve taken over the last 26 years:

  • Our community’s foundational guideline, the UFOP Constitution, affirms our commitment to diversity and invites all to participate: Article V, Sec 1;
  • We have a zero-tolerance policy toward racism of any kind and have taken swift action in response to racist behavior;
  • Our command staff are considerate of simming being a shared experience, where stories have a real-world impact on players, and as a result take time to examine the ways representations of slavery, discrimination, and violence are portrayed and work to continually moderate them;
  • We continually explore ways to help our staff maintain cultural competence and sensitivity.

And, we also want to talk about some things we can do better. As the leadership of a community, we intend to open a discussion with our members about their ideas on what we can improve:

  • We collect no data on the racial and ethnic background of our members, and as a result, don’t have a good understanding of how many people of color move through our ranks toward command. We want to sensitively approach this topic in a way that respects those members who wish to maintain personal anonymity.
  • We want to better understand the experiences of our members on the path to community leadership, to evaluate how we can support people of color – who, like many others in our community, often choose to remain anonymous.
  • Representation matters, so we want to continue broadening the imagery used on our site and wiki to include more people of color. Although our members choose their own character portrait sources, we can do better in encouraging our members to consider creating primary characters and NPCs that don’t match their identities in a responsible and respectful manner, ensuring that we avoid stereotyping and instead celebrate the broad diversity of Star Trek and reflect that legacy of representation in our game.
  • We can do more to uplift the voices, stories, and faces of people of color as actors, characters, and writers in a similar way that we already do with LGBTQ people.

This list is not exhaustive and we’re always looking for suggestions for new ways we can enhance the experience of all members in our collaborative environment.

We encourage members to support organizations fighting for racial justice. This link includes a helpful list of organizations that need donations, especially now.

We encourage our members to read these resources on antiracism:

And we think our members might find these resources interesting reading about our hobby:

We invite our members to join us on the forums to talk more about this topic. Click here to head there now.

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