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Add your Writer ID to all emails

Just a quick reminder to all members of our fleet that your Writer ID should be attached to all emails you send on fleet business, including your sims and also the OOC messages to your ship list and taskforces.

These Writer IDs are critical in helping our fleet staff keep track of your contributions to the fleet, and are used in helping review your past efforts for the sake of promotions and other commendations.

We recommend adding your Writer ID to your email signature and making sure your signature is identical on both your desktop/laptop email client as well as your mobile device email client – sometimes, like in the case of Gmail – the email signature is set by device type (desktop/mobile/tablet, etc.) as opposed to by account.

We have a full tutorial on our wiki that explains how to add your Writer ID to your email signature, as well as some other methods you can use if that doesn’t work for you.

To check your Writer ID, head to the Complete Member Directory on the wiki. Have questions about your Writer ID? Talk to your ship’s CO for guidance!

Duty Post Award Winner – Esa Kiax, USS Atlantis (The Voyager Medallion)

Join us for another in a series of interviews with winners of Duty Post awards from our recent 2019 Awards Ceremony. Our goal is to give you insight into how our fleet’s best simmers write, and imagine their characters.

This month we’re interviewing the writer behind Lieutenant Esa Kiax playing a Trill female assigned to the USS Atlantis as the Operations/Communications. She won the Voyager Medallion which is presented to those Operations officers who have shown great skill in keeping a starship in working order despite near-impossible circumstances. The officers receiving this award have advanced the field of Operations, making sure duty rosters, provisions, gear, and even recreation time are available… no matter what.

GALVEN: Thank you for agreeing to have an interview with me! Could you tell us a little about yourself for our readers out there?

KIAX: Hey there, always a pleasure! My name is Matt Ide, a 24-year-old part-time music student from London, UK. When I’m not studying, I work as a sound engineer in a local theatre. I’ve been simming for about eight or so years now, and have been a member of our happy little family here at 118 for fifteen months. Besides music, I’m an avid climber and video gamer!

Winning such a unique duty post award such as the Voyager Medallion award must be really exciting! Is there any kind of inspiration from anything in Star Trek or elsewhere when you write a scene?

Exciting? Heck yes. I recall audibly screaming at my computer screen when I read the awards post, to the point where my housemates asked if I was okay! I was genuinely not expecting it. Of course, there is a lot of inspiration from Trek. Where would we be without it? Harry Kim was my favourite character in Voyager, which was the first series I ever watched as a kid. Beyond that, the rest of my inspiration comes from the 2004 Battlestar Galactica Re-Imagining. The way that they portray the day-to-day inner workings of a starship is fascinating to me.

Gorkon Crew Recalled From Giáng Sinh To Aid Væron, Romulan Republic Colony

VÆRON — Enroute back to their home sector for the task force, the USS Gorkon (NCC-82293) detours to assist the Romulan Republic Colony of Væron, a former Romulan Star Empire world.

Assembly Debate Delayed By Incident Outside Ketar V Capitol

KETAR V — While politicians debate the future of the Romulan population inside, a dissident has openly fired into a group of pro-Romulan protestors, injuring three people. Investigations continue.

Lower Decks Interview: Lieutenant Esa Kiax, USS Atlantis

The title of this column is “Lower Decks,” hearkening back to the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode titled “Lower Decks,” in which junior officers aboard the Enterprise-D speculate on the reasons for recent unusual actions taken by the command crew near the Cardassian border.

This month’s interview is with the writer behind Lieutenant Esa Kiax playing a joined Trill female Com/Ops Officer assigned to USS Atlantis.

GALVEN: Thank you for allowing me to interview you! Could you tell us a little about yourself for our readers out there?

KIAX: Hey there, I’m Matt, a 24 year old MA Music Performance student and Musical Theatre technician from London, UK. Percussionist, avid gamer and lover of all things sci-fi! I’m also big on mountaineering, climbing and cycling!

What has been your favorite moment writing aboard the USS Atlantis?

So far? There was this one mission where the crew had to venture out into the Jenatris Cloud to investigate several newly discovered Chon outpost stations, it was pretty exciting to be investigating something that’s been floating there for 13,000 years, and seeing what each different away team encountered on their trip. That, and our Captain at the time ended up getting a hybrid Chon/Bolian clone of himself, which was quite interesting to work around. Though, I’m sure there will be plenty more favourites in the future!

Applications and Academy Graduates for February 2020

Every month, the Academy staff works to compile the statistics about our recruiting and training for the fleet’s informational purposes. Let’s take a look at how we did as a fleet in February.

This first graph depicts the number of applications that we have received each month this year. The month of February saw eleven new applications which is an increase of two applicants from the month of January.

The following chart shows how our new members found us, according to their application:

This final graph shows how many people graduated from the Academy during the month of February. The fleet saw seven new graduates during February, marking it as the highest number so far this year, and a stark increase from January. We also had four applicants who applied during February, but whose training did not finish until after the beginning of March.

These new recruits are the lifeblood of our community. Without them, it becomes difficult to keep our ships fully crewed and even more difficult to grow the fleet. If you’d like to help us recruit more members and grow our fleet, you can join the Publicity Team using this form.

Promotions for February

The staff of UFOP: SB118 would like to congratulate all who saw their hard work and dedication pay off this month. Please be sure to congratulate these members when you see them around the forums and chat room!


  • Quentin Collins to Lieutenant Commander
  • Artinus Serinus to Lieutenant JG
  • Gavin Kinnear to Lieutenant JG


  • Loxley to Lieutenant JG
  • Corliss Fortune to Lieutenant
  • Samira Neathler to Lt. Commander

Want to learn more about advancing in rank like these hard-working fleet members? Check out our Promotions Guide on the wiki!

Poll of the Week: Advice From the Past

The computer on a Starfleet ship is an excellent resource. The database contains star charts, logs of everything that the ship has encountered, and a reference library including literature from hundreds of worlds, historical data spanning thousands of years, and information from dozens of fields of study from astrophysics to microbiology. In addition to the raw storage capacity, the ship’s computer can assist in analyzing data and simulate just about anything given enough data.

While collaborating with the ship’s computer is very helpful, some people do not like talking to a disembodied computer voice. Many Starfleet officers have turned to the holodeck so that the computer has an avatar to communicate through. When Voyager’s EMH needed to learn exobiology, he created a consultant program modeled on an infamous Cardassian doctor. Data consulted with a holographic recreation of Sigmund Freud to help interpret his dreams and Barclay called on the expertise of hologram Einstein to discuss physics and cosmology. Even holoprograms like Vic Fontaine and Leonardo da Vinci would sometimes give advice to the crew in times of need.

Everyone needs advice now and then. When confronted with a problem, why not get the perspective of someone who has been there before? The famous captains of Starfleet have seen it all in their various missions across the galaxy. Their service records, appearances, and personality profiles would all be easily accessible to the computer. What would Captain Kirk make of the Borg? What better way to work through a complicated conundrum than sitting down and enjoying a cup of Earl Grey with a holographic Picard?

Which Starfleet captain would your character most want to receive advice from?

Click here to head to the forums now and vote in this week’s poll. Be sure to leave a comment in the thread!

February 2020 Post Counts

The Starbase 118 Fleet held its own through February, with some ships seeing quite an uptick in their sim counts and everyone showing strong. The fleetwide average this month was 196 sims, down just slightly from last month. This made for a total of 1,375 sims across all active ships. February is a month where the numbers typically dip slightly due to it being a short month, so it was good to see it didn’t have a huge impact!

This month, the USS Gorkon leads the pack with 277 sims written. Not too far behind them is the Embassy with 215 sims, and Ops with 211. Fourth place goes to the Eagle with 187 sims, while fifth place goes to the Atlantis for the second month in a row with a strong 182 sims. Following them, but not by far, the Veritas came in with 155 sims and the Constitution with 148. Where will we stand next month? With a new year going strong, stand by for March!

Check out some of the highlights of this past month’s simming through our Appreciations forum, where you and your fellow members can nominate sims, great quotes, and other memorable moments for the rest of the fleet to enjoy!

New Academy Graduates

Please welcome our newest Academy graduates to the UFOP: StarBase 118 fleet: Dar Elandra and Eston Ares!

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