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USS Veritas launched nearly 600 years back in time

THE SHOALS – While investigating a reported Borg vessel in orbit of a dead planet in the Shoals, the USS Veritas was sent hurtling back in time.

USS Gorkon battles Andorian pirates

SIKUNA SYSTEM – While engaged in a diplomatic and medical relief mission, the USS Gorkon battled Andorian pirates to stop the theft of an experimental Romulan warbird.

USS Atlantis observes bronze age civilization

LYDOR V, PAR’THA EXPANSE – The USS Atlantis has been tasked with observing a bronze age civilization.

USS Blackwell crew recoups following difficulties on Arndall

DEEP SPACE 26, PAR’THA EXPANSE – The crew of the USS Blackwell took time to decompress and are recognized for their efforts following the trouble on Arndall.

Picnics and promotions after a controversial mission for USS Constitution

STARBASE 104 – Despite lingering fallout from an unpalatable mission, the senior crew of the Constitution regroup and relax among accolades.

USS Veritas discovers historical Romulan presence in the Shoals

PELLECIA – After tracking an Orion Syndicate ship through the Shadows and ending a confrontation with a frigate who came to recover their peers, the Veritas has begun to chart a new world that was the final home for the survivors of a shipwrecked Romulan warbird.

StarBase 118 crew struggles with pirate hijacking

JENATRIS CLOUD — In pursuit of the fleeing pirates that have hijacked the USS Narendra, the crew of Starbase 118 have attempted a bluff and infiltration.

USS Thunder stranded in unknown sector following catastrophic accident

UNKNOWN SPACE — While undergoing a shakedown cruise, the USS Thunder-A experienced an accident resulting in the loss of both their antimatter supplies and dilithium crystals.

Hidden experimental starship discovered beneath Romulan city

SIKUNA SYSTEM – While examining a research station on the Romulan Republic planet of Sikuna, a team from the USS Gorkon discovered a Valdore-class Romulan Warbird buried beneath the facility.

Starfleet repels Romulan invasion of Duronis

DURONIS II — Defeating Eden Redstone, the crews of the USS Thor, USS Thunder, and USS Bronwyn returned to the Duronis system to finding a Romulan invasion underway.

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