Astraeus crew takes well-deserved break before Frontier Day

Astraeus crew takes well-deserved break before Frontier Day

EN ROUTE TO SOL — The USS Astraeus, recalled to Sol for Frontier Day celebrations, took time for rest and relaxation during the journey.

“We’re here to celebrate the dedication of this crew, one of the finest in Starfleet,” stated Capt. Mei’konda Delano, Commanding Officer of the USS Astraeus (NCC-70652). “Together, you proved the Federation’s good intentions to the Tinalli, but more importantly, you minimized the loss of life after their station was attacked. In my mind, a mission where every member of this crew comes away in more or less one piece is something to be proud of.” These words, spoken at the ship’s most recent awards ceremony, expressed Mei’konda’s pride in his crew’s performance during a crisis on Tinalli, where they were accused of bombing the planet’s orbital station.

According to Tinalli Station Commander, Councilor Dor’ar’ny’sa, the Federation was suspected of tactical sabotage followed by a rescue mission to gain favor with the affected people. While not unheard of in history, it is a relatively uncommon accusation against the Federation. However, Dor’ar’ny’sa’s arguments were somewhat compelling, as she claimed the Starfleet crew had a habit of appearing at many disasters to assist and rescue. Additionally, evidence suggested the bombs were made of a substance rare even to Starfleet vessels, but readily accessible by the Astraeus crew. Fortunately, due to diligent investigation with Tinalli officials and a chance encounter with the actual culprits – a Valcarian strike team – the crew was exonerated. However, Delano, First Officer Cmdr. Serala, and Lt. JG Matthews were injured in the attack.

The crew remained in orbit to help with repairs and then returned to the Sol System for Frontier Day celebrations. Delano allowed the crew rest and relaxation, during which Serala received a report that her mother, Ambassador R’Val of New Romulus, was near death. With permission from Delano, she took a runabout and two officers to collect her mother and rush her to Vulcan, rejoining the Galaxy-class starship upon arrival in the Sol System. Official word from Vulcan on the Ambassador’s status is pending, but doctors have been tight-lipped about her condition.

Upon arrival, Delano held a brief awards and promotions ceremony, during which several ribbons were awarded and two Ensigns, Caldwell and Doucet, were promoted to Lieutenant JG. Delano then granted officers free time on Earth and nearby planets.

Written by: Serala

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