USS Apollo-A responds to distress call from unknown planet

USS Apollo-A responds to distress call from unknown planet

NEUTRONIA – While traversing the Typhon Expanse, the USS Apollo-A responds to a distress call from a previously unknown planet.
After a brief period shipboard shore leave, the crew of the USS Apollo, NCC 71669-A, soon found themselves back in action as the ship returned to its normal duty of patrolling the Typhon Expanse. Not long after the crew began to establish themselves in their normal shipboard routines, the crew detected a high priority emergency distress call. Without hesitation, Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti ordered that the message should be played.
“To any civilization or sentient being who can hear this. I am First Minister Quleum K’Prion of the planet Neutronia. An incident has occurred on our planet which has the potential to cause catastrophic danger in a matter of days. We are unable to handle this situation on our own and are in need of help. Please if anyone can hear this message, help us.”
Upon hearing the distress call, Lieutenant Commander Alex Blair recalled the senior staff to the bridge while Ensign Derovan Saalik triangulated the source to a planet that had never been contacted by the Federation. As the senior staff returned to duty, there was much discussion of whether helping the Neutronians would be a violation of the Prime Directive, but ultimately a decision was made. An away team would be sent to the surface to discreetly investigate the problem and determine whether contact would be advisable.
Charged with the task of leading the investigation, LtCmdr Blair was sent to the surface with an assemblage of many senior staff members including the Apollo’s resident ambassador Lieutenant Commander Rune Jolara.
With the team gathered aboard a shuttlecraft, LtCmdr Blair piloted the vessel to the surface intending to hide along one of the planet’s magnetic poles to stay hidden. As the shuttle entered the atmosphere an electromagnetic pulse was emitted from the ground in an attempt to lessen the potential of catastrophic failure of a government research project. The EMP was incredibly powerful and knocked out almost all of the shuttle’s systems causing the away team to crash land outside the project site.
Meanwhile aboard the Apollo, FltCapt Nicholotti and the remaining crew had their hands full as well. While trying to keep tabs on the away team, Ensign Gina Es-Aleh detected what was believed to be another ship entering the area. Unfortunately the presence of another ship could not be confirmed as it appeared to be cloaked.

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