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Apollo plot summary for October

The crew of the USS Apollo, NCC-71669A, which had remained on the ship worked on finding a solution to either deactivate or circumvent a transporter jamming signal coming from within the diplomatic district on Pertainia Prime, preventing them from evacuating the Federation Embassy.

While RAdml. Andrus Jaxx, residing on the Apollo, was updated by the First Officer LtCmdr. Akeelah D’Sena on the riots happening on Pertainia Prime, the conversation with the away team was cut short, when shots were fired from orbital platforms, hitting the Federation Embassy on the planet and cutting off any means of communications.

The away team around D’Sena had to improvise, and began their way to the tower housing the jamming device to find a way of deactivation in hopes to establish communications and ability to beam. Jaxx decided to sends another away team, under lead of Capt. William Rogers, down to the planet to find the first team and evacuate the Ambassador. When Jaxx planned to beam to the surface as well, Chief Engineer LtCmdr. Luna Walker insisted upon him not leaving, even threatening to prevent his leaving by taking matters into her own hand. Walker was put under house arrest in her quarters, and Jaxx left to meet with the President of Pertainia Prime. Command of the Apollo went temporarily to Counselor Lt. Rune Jolara.

The away team under Rogers split into teams. One to scout the perimeter, trying to find a way to locate D’Sena and her team, another to give medical assistance to those that had been injured by the weapon from the platform and one more to find a way to transport anyone away, who could not leave on their own.

Meanwhile the first away team reached the tower, but once inside they found the jamming signal surrounded by wires and cables forming an anti-tampering device, protected by a motion activated disrupter array, which they are now attempting to circumvent or turn off, to be able to reach the jamming device for deactivation. At the same time the remaining crew of the Apollo is continuously working on attempting the same jammer deactivation from orbit.

Apollo plot summary for September

Pertainia Prime, situated close to the Typhon Expanse, was a practically peaceful world. The Federation installed an embassy on the planet and hoped to build a scientific research station in orbit, due to the close proximity of the system to the Expanse. Increasingly, things began to deteriorate on the surface. A group that did not want the Federation building a station spent years infiltrating government and rallying their numbers. In a swift move, they were able to seal off the Presidential Palace and Federation Embassy in a coup d’etat.

After receiving word, the Federation planned to dispatch a ship to evacuate the Embassy and offer asylum to the elected government officials. Seeing it as the perfect mission to undertake, Rear Admiral Andrus Jaxx volunteered his crew for the mission. The USS Apollo, NCC-71669-A, departed Utopia Planitia to make their way to the distraught world. While en route, they rendezvoused with the USS Excalibur and USS Constitution for an exchange of crews. Once the housecleaning task was completed, they set their sights on Pertainia Prime.

After arriving in the system, an away team was sent to the surface to gauge the rioting citizens and provide much needed intel for an extraction team, should the Federation citizens not be released. After spending some time on the surface, the team checked in with the Apollo. While the crew and captain decided the next course of action, the elected President and Ambassadorial staff remain isolated from everyone.

August plot summary for Apollo

The crew of the USS Apollo, NCC-71669 was temporarily assigned to the USS Aegis, NCC-74323 while construction was completed on their new ship. With their mission on the Aegis complete, they were recalled to Earth. Once there, they were released for some much needed shore leave. Upon docking at Starbase 1, the crew went their different ways for shore leave, while Lieutenant Commander Sundassa Faranster turned the ship over to the base. After shore leave, the crew was to be reassigned to USS Apollo-A, NCC-71669-A, an Odyssey Class starship. While most of the crew was able to enjoy shore leave, the helm officers were called to the Apollo-A holodeck to get certified on docking the large vessel.

Before shore leave could come to it’s planned conclusion, Rear Admiral Andrus Jaxx received a holo-conference from Starfleet Command. Pertainia Prime was experiencing trouble, a possible coup and lost communications with the Federation Embassy. Jaxx was asked to send a ship to evacuate the embassy, and if a coup was happening to evacuate the local government to offer asylum. Jaxx’s solution was to offer up the new ship for the mission, his own Apollo-A. This caused a priority one recall of all crew to be sent out, before they could head off.

Once everyone was aboard, they scrambled to get the ship powered up. Departing Utopia Planitia, the Apollo-A navigated the Sol System and started toward their destination. Now that they are underway, Jaxx could get everyone up to speed with the challenge they have in front of them.

July plot summary for the Apollo

With the emergency escape pod hurtling towards the USS Aegis, NCC-74323, Lieutenant Williams stopped it from crashing into their shields with a tractor beam, and once it was confirmed that there was a living being in it, they brought it to the shuttle bay.

Once the shuttle with the away team arrived, Faranster ordered LtJG Aidonna Danara, Ensigns Ar’jin and Nyals to go down to the deck to find out what was in the pod. It was quickly discovered it was LtCmdr. Jalana Laxyn, and she was taken to sickbay where she was examined by Ensign Dial before returning to duty.

Laxyn used the Captain’s ready room for reports, and was upset by the actions included in other team member’s reports. Apparently Ensign Damian Rayne, assigned as Security for the team, had not done his job, which allowed the team to be attacked. She was also aware that LtJG Patrick McLeod had to be talked out of disobeying a direct order.

Meanwhile, Williams and LtJG Catrova Torv, and Ensign Chandni Kapoor worked to try to find the virus that Rapture had inflicted on their ship. But, before they could isolate it, the virus deleted all the data on the aliens, their ship and disappeared. The stasis pod became the only reminder of the aliens, which Ensign Ar’jin performed tests on.

After dealing with that, the crew all relaxed at a Bolian painting party that was thrown as a Welcoming party by the Bolian nurse, Dial.

June plot summary for the USS Apollo

After the alien vessel’s AI, Rapture, made itself known on the bridge of the USS Aegis, NCC-74323, Lieutenant Commander Sundassa Faranster spoke with the ambassador of the alien species, and agreed to assist them, asking them to send over details of what was needed.

While they waited, Sundassa worked with Lieutenant Commander Jalana Laxyn to organize a team that would go to the other ship, consisting of their Engineer, Lieutenant JG Eileen McCleran, Nurse Ensign Dial. Since transporters didn’t work with the alien ship, they had to rely on a shuttle and their HCO Lieutenant JG Patrick McLeod to pilot it.

The team on the Aegis continued to try to scan and get answers about the strange aliens while their away team shipped out. Ensign Ar’jin working on deciphering the scans of the ship.

Once the away team got over there, the away team separated to get the work done, while Laxyn went to meet the Elder. While Laxyn was with the Elder, the Ambassador took things wrong, attacked and imprisoned some of the away team, causing a lock down on the ship, and the Aegis crew was left to negotiate the return of their crew mates.

The captured team escaped during negotiations and made their way to the shuttle bay with the assistance of the AI and some of the aliens, while the Elder offered Laxyn use of his emergency escape pod.

May plot summary for the USS Apollo

The crew of the USS Apollo, NCC-71669 was rescued and delivered to Deep Space 5. Fleet Captain Andrus Jaxx received orders sending him to Earth for a debriefing. Orders for Lieutenant Commander Sundassa Faranster were to take the remaining crew to the USS Aegis, NCC-74323 on a survey mission with Lieutenant Commander Jalana Laxyn as her First Officer.

Because of the haste in leaving, some of the officers had a problem with this, so Lieutenant Alexander Williams, and Lieutenant JG Eileen McCleran requested opportunities to speak with the Captain in private, questioning decisions. After handling those conversations, Faranster returned to the bridge to find that the Aegis received a distress call from an unknown ship, the transmission was vague, but left the crew very curious.

The Aegis turned course to head for the distressed ship, all the team was at work trying to find out as much information about this unknown ship, and what happened to it. Before they reached the ship, something slowed down their computer systems, and it was discovered that this was the Artificial Intelligence of the alien vessel, by the name of Rapture, trying to assess the people coming to their rescue.

April plot summary for the USS Apollo

Once the USS Apollo, NCC-71669 had evacuated all its non-critical personnel and the families from within its walls, it was left with just enough crew to try to hold off the Borg. The shuttle with the Omega was launched by Ensign Eileen McCleran, while Commander Tal Tel-ar and Marine 1st Lieutenants, Karolina Cranford and T’Aven, stood ready for launch.

With the Omega launched and detonated, the Apollo flew off to meet the Borg. As they got there, the trio launched, Tel-ar in his shuttle, and the two Marines in their Valkyrie fighter jets. While the Apollo fought one cube, Tel-ar flew his shuttle into the other, crashing, before blowing up the torpedoes on board, and destroying the cube. Extremely injured, Tel-ar was rescued by T’Aven, and delivered to the Apollo.

The Apollo held off the Borg for as long as they could, Lieutenant Alexander Williams worked with Lieutenant JG Edward Johnson to make the biggest impact on the remaining cube, and Fleet Captain Andrus Jaxx ordered the warp core be jettisoned. Ensign Catrova Torv obeyed the order, and this did significant damage to both the enemy and them, which prompted Jaxx to order evacuation while Cranford and T’Aven finished the cube.

Most of the remaining crew were able to make it to the escape pods, with various degrees of injuries, and ended up waiting in space for their backup and rescue, the USS Carpathia. With the crew from the asteroid, they were delivered to Deep Space 5 to rest.

March Plot Summary for the USS Apollo

With the Borg incoming, and the major component of the Omega, the boronite, still not dealt with completely, the USS Apollo, NCC-71669 was put on a tight deadline that had members of the crew questioning the ethics of the Omega directive. Put to the test, Ensign Eileen McClaran hatched a plan to create and detonate another Omega within the event horizon of the first detonation, which should mask the boronite, as well as making the area treacherous to travel through. She was to perform the task with only one assistant, so to limit the possibility of the Borg collecting this information.

At the same time, Lieutenant Commanders Sundassa Faranster and Jalana Laxyn were preparing an evacuation, getting medical, food and security supplies ready. While Ensign Kaliantha Hawn was holding down the fort in medical, keeping one of their injured from bleeding out.

Meanwhile, Commander Tal Tel-ar suggested a means of destroying the second cube by taking one of the shuttles filled with anti-matter torpedoes on to the Borg cube. With the shuttle inside the shield, he would set it up blow up after he is teleported out into space. Two marine pilots, Lieutenants 1st Class T’Aven and Karolina Cranford got wind of this, and offered up their services to rescue and assist the Commander.

Once everything was in place, the evacuation commenced and got all the families, civilians, and non-essential personnel off before the Borg were engaged. Then the Apollo sped to meet them, preventing the Borg from splitting up.

February Plot Summary for the USS Apollo

Upon arriving in the Boreia System, on the far edges of the Beta Quadrant, the crew of the USS Apollo, NCC-71669 found what they were looking for. It appeared to be a pre-warp species that had developed the Omega molecule. With two inhabited worlds at war, it was a race to find something that could be used as a weapon to end the decades long conflict. Just like other species before them, they were unable to harness the power of Omega. After successfully neutralizing what was left, the crew discovered a massive boronite deposit in the system. Concerned, it could be used again, they began finding a way to eliminate the boronite from the system.

While working the problem, the Apollo detected something they wished they hadn’t. Two Borg vessels were inbound, no doubt looking for Omega. Knowing that they would harvest the boronite and assimilate anyone with knowledge, the Apollo crew continued working on eliminating the boronite before setting a course to intercept the Borg vessels. Knowing reinforcements were far out, and only few vessels were capable of reaching their position, the crew began searching for a place to offload non-essential crew as they prepared to take the ship to her limits by taking on the Borg before they could reach the system.

December Plot Summary for the USS Apollo

After the crew of the USS Apollo had been notified of the death of late Lieutenant Marcus Raiden, they all made their way back to the ship. One of the Apollo’s Dark Star pilots had captured and transported those responsible for the death of Raiden to the USS Apollo. Fleet Captain Andrus Jaxx, Lieutenant Commander Sundassa Faranster and Lieutenant Commander Jalana Laxyn made their way back to the ship. Jaxx and Laxyn went to sickbay to find out what killed Raiden, while Faranster went to the bridge to get caught up. This included greeting the new officers, and being notified of a Klingon guest looking for Lieutenant JG Alexander Williams, that was being entertained by Major Viktor Lanius.

Once it was discovered that Raiden had succumbed to poison, Jaxx set the new counselor, Ensign Hail Samford, to work at planning his memorial. She enlisted a few members from operations to help her achieve her goal. At the memorial, a message that Raiden had recorded prior to his death was played, and the crew mourned or celebrated in honor of him.

Lieutenant Alexander Williams, not wanting the only big celebration during the shore leave to be in mourning of a death, so close to a holiday close to his heart, took it upon himself to start planning a Christmas party for those on the Apollo that celebrate the holiday.

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