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USS Apollo crew enjoy well-deserved shore leave

DEEP SPACE – After a very stressful, unexpected first mission, the crew of the USS Apollo-A enjoyed a well-deserved period of shore leave.

After successfully realigning the ship into one physical reality, the crew of the USS Apollo (NCC-71669-A) found themselves in precarious situation. They had just survived a ghastly situation, one in which even an experienced crew would have tremendous difficulty. Not only had they survived, but they had pulled through the situation while having only known and worked together for a matter of hours.

After confirming that the ship had completely realigned into the correct phase, Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti gave word for the crew to begin assessing damage and getting the ship back in working order. The majority of the work was completed by the engineering crew, led by Lieutenant Commander Lluneh Walker, while the medical team led by Lieutenant Zinna tended to various medical needs throughout the ship.

Once everything was back on track, Nicholotti gave one final order to her First Officer, Lieutenant Commander Alex Blair.

“Commander Blair, schedule a meet and greet of some kind in the officers mess for tomorrow evening, and let everyone know,” she said.

At that the crew was officially on a short leave. The shore leave began like almost any other leave with one exception: the majority of the Apollo’s crew barely knew one another.

The crew began to partake in their own various leave pastimes, such as sleeping or heading to the ship’s bar. One pair of officers, Lieutenant T’Var Helling and Ensign Roshacari, even began a budding romance.

As time continued to turn, the second day of leave quickly arrived meaning that the Apollo’s senior staff would be gathering for their social gathering. With preparations laid out, the Six Forward Lounge tastefully decorated, a couple buffets set, and the obligatory bar stocked, the party was ready to begin.

The crew slowly trickled in and quickly split into groups, one at the bar and another near the center of the room. After a harrowing first day aboard the Apollo, it was time for her crew to get to know one another.

Senior staff of USS Apollo-A vanishes

DEEP SPACE — While en route to their first assignment aboard the USS Apollo-A, the senior staff mysteriously vanish.

The tension was palpable as the senior staff of the USS Apollo-A (NCC 71669-A) took their stations on the bridge for the first time. Soon after everyone settled, FltCapt. Kalianna Nicholotti gave the order and the Apollo, under the control of helmsman Lt JG Randal Shayne, began racing through the stars.

Shortly after the Apollo’s departure, Nicholotti gave the order to activate the quantum slipstream drive to expedite the Apollo’s travel time through the Typhon Expanse. After a few moments of traveling at slipstream speeds the ship shuddered and the bulkheads seemed to groan. Following normal Starfleet protocol, the crew began to run scans in an effort to diagnose what had happened.

As results started coming through, the senior staff started putting things together and realized something was truly wrong. This finding was solidified by a report from the First Officer, LtCmdr. Alex Blair.

“Either a problem or I’ve become a great illusionist in the last couple of minutes,” Blair said as he passed his hand through the console built into his chair.

The senior staff soon theorized that they had somehow transitioned into a different phase. With the theory in hand, they set about trying to prove it. Nicholotti led a team to investigate other decks of the ship, while Blair remained on the bridge with a team to try and work the problem.

As the teams worked, it became more and more clear that the theory of being phase shifted was correct. Not only had the senior staff shifted to a different phase, but the Apollo had shifted into several phases which somehow were spread across a vast span of space. Needless to say, the various phases were wreaking havoc across the Apollo’s systems as well.

After some extensive work, Commander Marcus Dickens and Ensign Gina Es-Aleh came up with a plan that could realign the Apollo and her crew into one phase, but it had a catch. If the ship and crew were to survive, the plan could only be enacted in one of the phases. With the senior staff reunited on the bridge, and after receiving a garbled message transmitted through the grav-plating built into the floor, Nicholotti decided to take a leap of faith and enact the plan.

Soon after the plan was enacted, things on the Apollo started going poorly. The ship shuddered again and a few moments later was surrounded by debris. In an effort to determine what had happened, and acting on a hunch, Mission Specialist Commander David Cody, went down to engineering to take a look at the warp core. After a quick investigation Cody found an imbalance with the warp core constrictors which was the true cause of the phase shifts. Cody quickly donned an environmental suit and risked his own life to repair the system.

With the constrictors realigned and the matter/anti-matter ratio back to normal, the plan to realign the phases was continued. Several tense minutes passed as the senior staff dealt with errant torpedoes orbiting the Apollo as debris, before the various phases affecting the Apollo realigned with a massive bang. After beginning the process of assessing the damage, the senior staff were relieved by Gamma Shift thus ending what could only be described as a tumultuous first day.

Starfleet relaunches USS Apollo-A

EARTH SPACEDOCK — Under the leadership of Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholott, a new crew reported to the USS Apollo-A for her relaunch.

Throughout the history of Starfleet, ships have been built, assigned crews, then after some time, they have been decommissioned until a new crews were assigned. For the Odyssey class USS Apollo (NCC-71669-A), one of the largest ships Starfleet has ever built, this history has held true. For several months, the Apollo has sat dormant inside the confines of Earth Spacedock, waiting for a new crew to herald her on a new adventure and now that time has come.

Under orders from Starfleet Command, Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti and a new crew gathered outside the docking umbilical leading to the Apollo. The crew, composed of most of the crews of the USS Atlantis (NCC-74682) and USS Gemini (NCC-80564), had found their way from various parts of the Federation and stood waiting for a welcome aboard speech from their new commanding officer. Nicholotti did not disappoint.

“Across this threshold is the future. She is the USS Apollo-A,” she said in a rousing address to her new crew. “The culmination of all we learned during the Dominion War, the conflict with our Klingon neighbors, and years of research and exploration, she is the bright light of all our futures. She is the finest ship in the fleet, and you have the honor of being her crew!”

Once the speech concluded and the crew was dismissed by the first officer Lieutenant Commander Alex Blair, the boarding process for the Apollo’s twenty-five hundred personnel began in earnest.

As the crew boarded and started to settle in, Nicholotti called everyone to their stations. The Apollo’s departure was imminent. The crew began to trickle onto the bridge and were delighted to see new faces as well as faces they hadn’t seen in some time. Soon thereafter, Nicholotti addressed the crew and informed them of the Apollo’s new area of operation, the Typhon Sector. On the captain’s orders, the helmsman Lieutenant JG Randal Shayne fired up the Apollo’s thrusters, and the ship and crew left on their new adventure.

USS Apollo-A under investigation by Starfleet Intelligence

DEEP SPACE 5 – After a taxing mission, the crew of the USS Apollo-A is under investigation by Starfleet Intelligence. Are they behind the sudden change of ships for the crew?

The crew of the USS Apollo, NCC-71669-A, riddled with viruses from the incident around the escaped prisoners (whom the crew has apprehended and returned into the hands of authorities), docked at Deep Space 5 to begin repairs to their systems and enjoy a well deserved shore leave. This endeavour was cut short when only minutes after docking the ship was put into lockdown by a Starfleet Intelligence Audit Investigator team, under leadership of Commander Thomas Prendar.

Prendar and three of his officers led one-on-one interrogations with part of the crew, namely Lieutenants Nathaniel Wilmer and Sinda Essen, as well as Lieutenant Commanders Kalos Fiorr and S’Lone tr’Khellian. Content of the meetings as well as their results have not been made public as of this time. Meanwhile two of Prendar’s officers held a drill session for the remaining senior staff on the holodeck.

The drill did not run as smooth as it was possibly planned, as the senior staff found themselves in a desert setting with the task to run a five mile parcours. It did not take too long until the Nurse, Ensign Dial, collapsed in the sand due to dehydration. This moment marked the end of the planned drill, as the rest of the seniors refused to go on and stood by Dial’s side, while Starfleet Intelligence (SFI) officers Lieutenant Green and Lieutenant Rahz continued to order them back to the drill.

The whole situation got heated between the SFI and the seniors, but was defused when an Engineer, Ensign Rustyy Hael, who came too late to the drill behind locked doors, decided to help out his comrades by hacking into the program and change the settings. Though the programmed rain for his colleages was not restricted to the holodeck, something went wrong in the programming and the whole deck was flooded in rain until stopped by Hael. At this point the seniors were dismissed by the SFI Officers.

When asked about theories of the SFI’s visit, Fiorr only remarked, “Let’s just be glad it’s over right? They’ll never tell you why they’re here unless they want us to know. So guessing about it won’t do us any good. Let’s not dig our own hole here or add more stress to an already unpleasant situation.”

While the crew hasn’t yet learn the results of the investigation, the SFI left the Apollo and lifted the lockdown. But the newly found freedom didn’t last long, as the crew received order to make way to Deep Space 285 immediately. Thanks to the quantum slipstream drive they arrived about an hour later and were soon after hit by another surprise.

The biggest part of the crew found transfer orders to relocate to the USS Constitution, NCC-9012-B, under a new Commanding Officer: Commander Jalana Rajel. At this time it is not known why their former Acting CO, LtCmdr Akeelah D’Sena, has not received the position, or if it has anything to do with the SFI Investigation. However, it has been confirmed that D’Sena had stepped back from the FO position and had returned to the Security department. The position of the First Officer was filled with the former Acting FO and Head of the HCO department, Nathaniel Wilmer, who has also received a promotion to Lieutenant Commander.

USS Apollo-A captures escaped criminals after long and violent hunt

SAPORRA VII — After an exhausting hunt, a station-shattering explosion and two dead crew members, the crew of the USS Apollo-A captured a dangerous group of runaway criminals, only two of which survived.

The crew of the USS Apollo (NCC-71669-A) had taken up many leads, among them the words of the re-captured mass murderer Virn Dakrevi, to find the rest of the trio that had escaped the High Security penal facility on Sarius III. With additional information of warp signature residues and the identity of the two corpses found with Dakrevi, the traces all lead to one point: Saporra VII, a seedy trade station also known as New Sydney.

Upon arrival an away team consisting of four members of the crew, under Acting First Officer Lieutenant Nathaniel Wilmer, beamed onto the station to find the criminals Jonathan Flint and VeeVee. Their way lead them to the medical facilities under the suspicion that one of the first thing the runaway would do was changing their appearance. According to Starfleet Intel and the knowledge of Lieutenant Shar’Wyn Foster the facilities on board the station were suited for facial reconstruction.

In the meantime the Apollo suffered from a virus attack, that has been initiated by Dakrevi herself, when the Apollo reacted to her distress call. What first had only been a flickering light here or a aiming mechanic missing by a few kilometer, had now grown into full system failures and power blackouts throughout the ship. One of these blackouts happened in the brig and made it possible for Dakrevi to escape. She attempted to separate the ship first with a bot program, but when Engineering stopped it, she manually initialized the separation sequence. Dakrevi made her way through the ship, attempting to escape, and overpowered two crew members that did not survive their meetings with the criminal.

Fugutive criminals on the run from the USS Apollo-A

SARIUS III — The USS Apollo-A has been tasked with the retrieval of three convicts who disabled and broke out of a high security penal facility.

“The prisoners, the human Jonathan Flint, a Zakdorn Virn Dakrevi, and a Romulan called VeeVee, stole an Arrow class runabout to get away,” said Deputy Director Franklin Curing of Federation Security at a press conference earlier this week, relaying information from Sarius officials.

Flint, a dishonourably discharged Starfleet Commander, VeeVee, an explosives expert, and Dakrevi, a killer and social chameleon known for changing her faces according to her needs, are classified as highly dangerous.

The USS Apollo (NCC-71669-A) had been on its way to the Typhon Expanse when the crew was informed that three criminals disabled and escaped from the high security penal facility on Sarius III. The Apollo crew began the hunt right away. They researched the prisoners files, their abilities, and put together a profile to anticipate their next steps, while they followed the unique warp signature to find the trio.

The Apollo crew ended up finding only the engine section of the runabout that apparently had been disconnected from the rest of the craft. Only thanks to an automated emergency signal sent by Dakrevi herself was it possible to find the rest of the ship not that long after. Upon retrieval of the passengers of the runabouts, they found two of them dead and Dakrevi close to dead herself.

Dakrevi has been revived and is stable at the moment, to a point that she can be interrogated. Meanwhile, deep scans of the corpses, visually identified as Flint and VeeVee, exposed fraud. The bodies of two unknown people had been changed to look like the missing criminals, a realisation that sends the crew on a wild goose chase to find them.

There are hopes that Dakrevi is willing to help the Apollo crew find them as her emergency signal has revealed a message recorded by her that informed anyone who would listen of a planned deception of Flint and VeeVee.

“I’ve recorded my conversations with VeeVee and Flint,” states Dakrevi in the recording. “They aren’t dead. They are on a freighter. They are criminals that need to be captured soon.”

The plan may have delayed the Apollo crew has only made them more determined to find the fugitives.

Is the Dominion back? USS Apollo investigates freighter attack

AZURE NEBULA — After investigating who attacked the Klingon freighter IKS Vut’Cha, the USS Apollo-A comes to shocking results and is called back immediately.

The USS Apollo (NCC-71669-A) had followed a distress call to the Klingon freighter IKS Vut’Cha, which had been disabled by an unknown attacker. Following in-depth research of the freighter’s sensor logs and making their own scans, the Tactical and Science Department came up with a few possibilities and more questions than answers.

Traces of polaron particles were found around the freighter, which hinted at the possibility of Borg or Dominion involvement. The Borg seemed an unlikely culprit given that the Klingon crew was still fully intact. The Dominion had not been around for a long time but could not be fully excluded. Another possible culprit was the Orion Syndicate, which had shown activity in the region not that long ago.

In addition, the scans revealed traces of cloaking technology that did not fit any known signatures. The stolen cargo of the Vut’Cha was trinucleic fungus, which could be broken up into the chemical constituents for several drugs, including Ketracel-white. Another possibility was that it could be used for other drugs or different reasons.

“Too many questions, not enough answers,” said Lieutenant Sinda Essen, Apollo’s Chief of Security. “The longer we take trying to sort the truth from the lies with the Klingons, the colder the trail gets. So far we have some solid suggestions that the Jem’Hadar are active again, but nothing to prove it.”

Plans changed, however, and the Apollo was called back to return to her own sector, the Typhon Expanse. The USS Gridley and the USS Cape Horn received the results of the investigations to conduct a search in the Azure nebula for the assailant instead.

USS Apollo rushes to aid adrift Klingon freighter

AZURE NEBULA — Starfleet officers came to the aid of a Klingon freighter after it was attacked and left adrift with its cargo stolen.

“The enemy snuck up on us like kos’karii with no honor,” said Captain Shi’Tok, commanding officer of the Klingon freighter IKS Vut’Cha, to Rear Admiral Andrus Jaxx, commanding officer of the USS Apollo.

The Apollo had just left from a stopover at Starbase 118, where the crew was invited to join the Festival of Diversity, one of the largest cultural celebrations in the galaxy. The crew of the Apollo also used the festival as an opportunity for a team building exercise for their senior staff.

As the teams were participating on this exercise, camouflaged as a scavenger hunt, the station though was suddenly rocked by a rather strong ion storm. The crew returned to the ship and brought distance between them and the storm, while being prepared to offer assistance to the crew of the starbase. The science and tactical department worked together on finding more information about the sudden ion storm but ran into more questions to the puzzle than answers.

At the beginning of Alpha shift the next day, the Apollo received a distress call from the Vut’Cha, which had been attacked in the Azure Nebula, and was now adrift in Federation space. While the ion storm was still on the minds of the crew, the Apollo rushed at maximum warp towards the Vut’Cha to offer assistance.

The freighter is now receiving parts for repairs from the Apollo’s engineers. Their cargo though is lost in the hands—or rather cargo rooms—of the attackers. A team on the Apollo is working to identify the culprits and their way off scene to possibly return said cargo to Captain Shi’Tok and his crew.

USS Apollo crew joins in Festival of Diversity fun

TRINITY SECTOR – Residents and visitors to StarBase 118 including the crew of the USS Apollo-A have been enjoying the Festival of Diversity, the largest show of cultures and lifestyles all across the galaxy.

Returning to their home base of Starbase 118, the Apollo crew was invited to join in the festivities. Several dozen species from all across the galaxy came together to share parts of their culture and lifestyle, be it culinary, art, music, fashion and more. The unique event is a fantastic chance to broaden ones horizon and understanding between peoples.

“Just so long as we don’t have to eat any living gold fish, this could be fun,” said Ens. Nathaniel Wilmer, sharing his thoughts on the team exercise.

The Apollo crew enjoyed the first day on board the station in their own way. First Officer LtCmdr. Akeelah D’Sena organized a scavenger hunt that used the festival and served as a team exercise for part of the crew. With the crew having just recently been thrown together, originating from the USS Apollo, the former USS Excalibur and graduates from the Academy, the exercise was an opportunity to give every participant the chance to get to know a part of the crew better.

Two crew members enjoying themselves during an artistic clay-modelling task and a band practice, Ens. D’yer Rix and Ens. Sabina Tiam, were unexpectedly called away, to be transferred to new positions. Fortunately, they did not have to go far because their new positions were on the very same starbase that the Apollo staff had chosen for their shore leave.

Federation ambassador rescued from Petainia rebels

PERTAINIA PRIME — Ambassador Craig Walters, the Federation ambassador to Pertainia Prime, has been recovered safely by Starfleet personnel in an elaborate operation after a coup d’etat on the planet.

“The ambassador is safe and in good health,” Secretary Haros Chenta of the Federation Security Council told reporters earlier this morning. “The Security Council will be meeting with the President later today to discuss the evolving situation on Pertainia, and I’ll have more information at that time. For now, I’d just like to commend the actions of the crew of the USS Apollo for the extraordinary work they’ve done.”

The operational report released by Starfleet Command paints a dramatic picture of the rescue. The crew of the USS Apollo-A were having difficulty contacting their away teams on Pertainia Prime. Lt. Cmdr. Luna Walker, who had been placed under house arrest for insubordination, was consulted to find a way to open communications to the teams, which she found by bouncing off the signal of a shuttle close to a pole of the planet. With that plan the bridge crew, lead by Lieutenant Rune Jolara, was able to contact the away team around Lt. Cmdr. Akeelah D’Sena. With communications restored, the two away teams led by Lt. Cmdr. D’Sena and Captain William Rogers were able to make further arrangements.

Captain Rogers’s team split, leaving a small group outside the Embassy to take care of injured natives. Rogers and Ensign Sabina Tiam headed into the Embassy to find Ambassador Craig Walters, who according to an injured guard, was with the rebels.

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