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April Plot Summary: USS Apollo

After discovering an inactive Borg scout ship within the hold of an Altoran freighter, the crew of the USS Apollo, NCC-71669, has tried to come up with the best solution regarding how to deal with it. But with the variety of experiences of the crew, reaching a consensus has been a challenge. Some favour taking the ship aboard the Apollo for study, while others favour destroying it. The only thing they can seem to agree on is that it does not belong in the hands of less than reputable traders. 

March Plot Summary: USS Apollo

The USS Apollo, NCC-71669, while en route to the Typhon Sector, has encountered a disabled Altoran freighter. A freighter which has been going to great efforts to hide the contents of its cargo hold. An away team, led by Lieutenant Commander Liam Frost, had boarded the freighter, ostensibly to perform needed repairs. While performing said repairs, the away team discovered what the freighter crew was hiding: the salvaged remains of a Borg scout vessel. The freighter captain claims to have discovered the wreckage in neutral territory and has filed the appropriate legal documents to make his salvage legal. Thus far, the away team has found no substatial information to refute this claim. 

February Plot Summary: USS Apollo

Once the ship was underway, Captain Andrus Jaxx revealed to the crew the nature of their mission. Over the course of several weeks, Starfleet Command has lost contact with three vessels that were attempting to chart the Typhon Expanse. Little is currently known about the Expanse, other than it contains a number of previously unknown, and potentially dangerous anomalies. The Apollo’s mission is to locate and, if possible, recover the crews of the three missing vessels. If recovery should fail, they are to attempt to determine what caused the loss of the ships.

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