Crew of the USS Astraeus agrees: There’s No Place Like Home

Crew of the USS Astraeus agrees: There’s No Place Like Home

NEAR SHEMSH COLONY — After a whirlwind trip to another universe, the USS Astraeus returned safely home with all hands accounted for.

After disappearing through a wormhole, the brave crew of the USS Astraeus experienced run-ins with Romulan Star Empire vessels in a universe where Starfleet had been pushed back to its core worlds. Despite setbacks, the crew achieved the improbable.

Cmdr. Serala, LtCmdrs. Esa Kiax and Anjar Thoran, Lt. Valin Dermont, and Ens. Slav Shewytch joined the away team that bravely boarded the Romulan station to destroy the wormhole device and keep the Romulan Star Empire from expanding their empire across universes. The team managed to make it all the way to the wormhole generator unabated. However, their exit was considerably more difficult. At one point, the team was even pinned down and discussion was held about whether to just beam off the station or try to return to their shuttle. Fortunately, they managed to break through the lines and escaped in their shuttle rendezvousing with the Astraeus in a brilliant demonstration of navigating by new helm officer, Ens. Christopher Caldwell.

Meanwhile on the Astraeus bridge, Capt. Mei’konda, Ens. Sylvie Doucet, Charles Matthews, and Patrick Callahan worked to distract the Romulans so the away team could find their way aboard. However, before the Astraeus could complete its mission Ens. Callahan was injured, requiring Caldwell to take over in his stead.

Cmdr. Cadfael Peters, Lt. JGs 101 & 000 and Wyatt Ral worked from Engineering to keep the Galaxy-class viable and protected throughout the ship-to-ship game of cat and mouse.

Ens. Yawni, one of the Propulsions Systems Officers, offered, “For a hot minute, I thought we weren’t going to make it. One of the medics who went up to the bridge to check the others said they heard that the away team was under fire.”

Thankfully, reports indicate none of the away team officers involved were injured in the fray, aside from a shoulder injury to Shewytch. Though the crew suffered minimal physical injuries the psychological scars clearly remain. Ens. Doucet was pulled from the lower decks to help handle the crisis from a counseling and diplomatic standpoint.

“It was horrifying,” commented Crewman Kori Esaka, eyes brimming with tears. “Those green-blooded murderers decimated Medara like it was nothing.”

At present, the Astraeus crew has retired to Shemsh colony for a relaxing shore leave after a harrowing ordeal. Reports indicate crewmembers, like Crewman Esaka, may require counseling to cope with the events.

We will continue to follow the story of the crew’s recovery and provide more information as it becomes available.

Written by Serala

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