March Plot Summary: USS Apollo

March Plot Summary: USS Apollo

The USS Apollo, NCC-71669, while en route to the Typhon Sector, has encountered a disabled Altoran freighter. A freighter which has been going to great efforts to hide the contents of its cargo hold. An away team, led by Lieutenant Commander Liam Frost, had boarded the freighter, ostensibly to perform needed repairs. While performing said repairs, the away team discovered what the freighter crew was hiding: the salvaged remains of a Borg scout vessel. The freighter captain claims to have discovered the wreckage in neutral territory and has filed the appropriate legal documents to make his salvage legal. Thus far, the away team has found no substatial information to refute this claim. 
During the investigation, the remains of a heavily damaged drone were recovered. The remains have been transported back to the Apollo for examination by science officer Vid-Lotilija and medical officer Sidney Pierce. It is their hope that they will retrieve enough information from the drone to determine where it came from and how it came to be in the possession of the Altoran freighter.
One of the freigter’s crew, a young Bajoran medic, has also beamed aboard the Apollo, under escort from intel officer Viktor Lanius. It is Ensign Lanius’s hope that the young man will shed enough light to resolve this already murky situation.

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