April Plot Summary: USS Apollo

After discovering an inactive Borg scout ship within the hold of an Altoran freighter, the crew of the USS Apollo, NCC-71669, has tried to come up with the best solution regarding how to deal with it. But with the variety of experiences of the crew, reaching a consensus has been a challenge. Some favour taking the ship aboard the Apollo for study, while others favour destroying it. The only thing they can seem to agree on is that it does not belong in the hands of less than reputable traders. 
But even doing that is posing its own challenges. Any grounds the the Apollo crew has for confiscating the ship is shaky at best. Captan Andrus Jaxx’s solution is to combine legal standing while appealing to the freighter captain’s business sense. An offer of supplies, assemebled by Commander Tal Tel-ar, was offered to the captain, and accepted. An away team, led by Lt. Commander Liam Frost boarded the freighter in order to make the needed preperations to the ship, while the engineering and science departments of the Apollo work together to build protections for the Apollo and her crew once the Borg vessel is aboard.

Their task finished, the Apollo is free to resume her journey to the Typhon sector in order to continue her primary assignment.