April plot summary for the USS Apollo

April plot summary for the USS Apollo

Once the USS Apollo, NCC-71669 had evacuated all its non-critical personnel and the families from within its walls, it was left with just enough crew to try to hold off the Borg. The shuttle with the Omega was launched by Ensign Eileen McCleran, while Commander Tal Tel-ar and Marine 1st Lieutenants, Karolina Cranford and T’Aven, stood ready for launch.
With the Omega launched and detonated, the Apollo flew off to meet the Borg. As they got there, the trio launched, Tel-ar in his shuttle, and the two Marines in their Valkyrie fighter jets. While the Apollo fought one cube, Tel-ar flew his shuttle into the other, crashing, before blowing up the torpedoes on board, and destroying the cube. Extremely injured, Tel-ar was rescued by T’Aven, and delivered to the Apollo.
The Apollo held off the Borg for as long as they could, Lieutenant Alexander Williams worked with Lieutenant JG Edward Johnson to make the biggest impact on the remaining cube, and Fleet Captain Andrus Jaxx ordered the warp core be jettisoned. Ensign Catrova Torv obeyed the order, and this did significant damage to both the enemy and them, which prompted Jaxx to order evacuation while Cranford and T’Aven finished the cube.
Most of the remaining crew were able to make it to the escape pods, with various degrees of injuries, and ended up waiting in space for their backup and rescue, the USS Carpathia. With the crew from the asteroid, they were delivered to Deep Space 5 to rest.

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