February Plot Summary for the USS Apollo

February Plot Summary for the USS Apollo

Upon arriving in the Boreia System, on the far edges of the Beta Quadrant, the crew of the USS Apollo, NCC-71669 found what they were looking for. It appeared to be a pre-warp species that had developed the Omega molecule. With two inhabited worlds at war, it was a race to find something that could be used as a weapon to end the decades long conflict. Just like other species before them, they were unable to harness the power of Omega. After successfully neutralizing what was left, the crew discovered a massive boronite deposit in the system. Concerned, it could be used again, they began finding a way to eliminate the boronite from the system.
While working the problem, the Apollo detected something they wished they hadn’t. Two Borg vessels were inbound, no doubt looking for Omega. Knowing that they would harvest the boronite and assimilate anyone with knowledge, the Apollo crew continued working on eliminating the boronite before setting a course to intercept the Borg vessels. Knowing reinforcements were far out, and only few vessels were capable of reaching their position, the crew began searching for a place to offload non-essential crew as they prepared to take the ship to her limits by taking on the Borg before they could reach the system.

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