December Plot Summary for the USS Apollo

After the crew of the USS Apollo had been notified of the death of late Lieutenant Marcus Raiden, they all made their way back to the ship. One of the Apollo’s Dark Star pilots had captured and transported those responsible for the death of Raiden to the USS Apollo. Fleet Captain Andrus Jaxx, Lieutenant Commander Sundassa Faranster and Lieutenant Commander Jalana Laxyn made their way back to the ship. Jaxx and Laxyn went to sickbay to find out what killed Raiden, while Faranster went to the bridge to get caught up. This included greeting the new officers, and being notified of a Klingon guest looking for Lieutenant JG Alexander Williams, that was being entertained by Major Viktor Lanius.

Once it was discovered that Raiden had succumbed to poison, Jaxx set the new counselor, Ensign Hail Samford, to work at planning his memorial. She enlisted a few members from operations to help her achieve her goal. At the memorial, a message that Raiden had recorded prior to his death was played, and the crew mourned or celebrated in honor of him.

Lieutenant Alexander Williams, not wanting the only big celebration during the shore leave to be in mourning of a death, so close to a holiday close to his heart, took it upon himself to start planning a Christmas party for those on the Apollo that celebrate the holiday.

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