USS Apollo investigates disappearance of Admiral Renos

USS Apollo investigates disappearance of Admiral Renos

POUIYEOG REGION — The disappearance of the USS Apollo-A’s commanding officer Rear Admiral Renos was met with shock and grave concern by the senior crew of the vessel.
What had begun as a routine shift for First Officer Lieutenant Commander Gogigobo Fairhug, rapidly descended into a missing persons inquiry as all attempts to communicate with and locate Rear Admiral Renos were met with the revelation from the ship’s computer that the J’naii was no longer aboard the vessel.
“It would have been odd enough if the Admiral had disembarked without notifying anyone,” lamented the Bardeezan FO, “but we’ve been traveling unaccompanied and received no communications for over two weeks. Ne has simply vanished!”
The Apollo has been on a mission of exploration into an area of uncharted space in the Pouiyeog Region of the Delta Quadrant since departing Outpost Unity just over two weeks ago.
There has been a small breakthrough in the investigation as an incident in the ship’s main Science lab involving Lieutenant JG Dante Termine left the HCO Officer temporarily unconscious. Upon examination by Medical Officer Ensign Mairra Marast, a discovery was made that may just be a clue as to one possibility for what has happened to the Admiral.
“When I scanned Lieutenant Termine,” explained Ensign Marras, “there were traces of tetryon particles found in his hand and arm, which are usually associated with subspace rifts.”
With little else to go on, the crew must hope that this line of investigation turns up something, as the longer the search takes the more the chances of finding Admiral Renos diminish.
Written by Jarn Th’Braxa

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