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Apollo crew make First Contact with subspace species and recover missing crew

UNCHARTED SPACE, DELTA QUADRANT – An encounter with mysterious new species revealed the whereabouts of missing Admiral Renos.

The appearance of a never before encountered creature on their bridge provided the final piece of the puzzle that the crew of the USS Apollo NCC-71669-A needed to finally solve the disappearance of their Commanding Officer Admiral Renos and Chief Senior Petty Officer Jack Wellbelove.

After several occurrences of subspace rifts opening in various locations on the vessel – including one which caused an explosion in the main shuttle bay – it became clear that the cause of these rifts was actually a misguided attempt at communication by an otherwise peaceful species who inhabit the region known as subspace.

“I could sense their intentions from their emotions,” commented Chief Senior Petty Officer Jack Wellbelove, who maintains that the creatures meant no harm, despite being the only other officer to have been abducted by them. “They were curious, they wanted to learn about us, just like we do when we encounter new species.”

Starfleet is awaiting a full report from First Officer, Lieutenant Commander Gogigobo Fairhug, but it is understood that the creatures more closely resemble quadrupedal animals, such as those of the equine varieties of Sol III, than humanoids.

“It was the strangest thing I’ve ever seen,” said Ensign Tyrone King, a security officer who was on the bridge when the creature appeared. “It’s front… legs were z-shaped and it had jellyfish-like tentacles coming from its sides and those eyes, the glowing green eyes, they were almost haunting.”

Following the safe return of Renos and Wellbelove, the Apollo’s guests were invited to discussions where it is believed an amicable agreement was reached which should allow for further communication and mutual research in the future, all of which should be detailed in Fairhug’s report.

The crew of the Apollo, meanwhile, have finally availed themselves of some much-needed shore leave, although Renos remains under the care of the ship’s medical department, as ne is reported to be in a state of inexplicable unconsciousness.

Written by Jarn Th’Braxa

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