Shore leave cancelled for crew of USS Apollo-A

Shore leave cancelled for crew of USS Apollo-A

EARTH SPACEDOCK — While enjoying shore leave at Earth Spacedock, the crew of the USS Apollo-A is recalled and quickly find out that not all is as it seems.
The crew of the USS Apollo, NCC 71669-A, after completing a series of challenging missions, were enjoying a respite of shore leave on Earth Spacedock. After enjoying a formal meet and greet party to welcome aboard new crew and recognize the efforts of all, the crew began to follow their own routines while waiting for the Apollo’s Quantum Slipstream Drive to be replaced and declared fit for flight. Unfortunately for the crew, their plans were about to change.
Shortly after the party, Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti was briefed on a mission by Starfleet Command that needed the Apollo’s immediate attention. Nicholotti soon issued the order for the Apollo’s crew to return to the ship while much to the chagrin of the Apollo’s Chief Engineer, Lieutenant Commander Luna Walker, the spacedock’s engineering crews gave top priority to the Apollo’s repair work.
Once the repairs were complete, Nicholotti summoned the senior staff to the briefing room and informed them of their mission. The Apollo was being sent to rendezvous with a contingent of delegates from the planet of Sharshay to discuss the possibility of them entering the Federation. After answering all the staff’s questions about the mission and discovery was shared. Black boxes had been found on the ship, which turned out to be tracking and recording devices. Someone was spying on the Apollo and her crew.
Determined to complete their mission, the crew of the Apollo set about the task of departing spacedock and plotting a course for the nebula where they would meet the delegation. While the majority of the crew completed departure preparations, Commander David Cody led a small team in a mission to locate and disable the black boxes.
Back on the bridge, Commander Alex Blair led the bridge crew through the final checks before departure. As Nicholotti entered, Blair moved to turn over the conn allowing the commanding officer to begin the mission. Instead, Nicholotti stood aside and simply said, “Commander, if you would do the honors?”

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