USS Apollo-A ambushed by Hierarchy battleship after responding to distress signal

USS Apollo-A ambushed by Hierarchy battleship after responding to distress signal

NEW TALAX — The Starfleet crew of the USS Apollo-A responded to a distress signal from embattled Talaxians and were ambushed by the Hierarchy.

While en route to resupply Outpost Unity on their first mission in the Delta Quadrant, the USS Apollo-A received a distress signal from New Talax which led them to alter their course to provide assistance. However, before they could reach their revised destination, the Odyssey-class vessel was suddenly ambushed by a ship later identified as belonging to the mysterious socio-political entity known as ‘The Hierarchy’.
Despite an attempt at communication, the enemy battleship continued to attack the Apollo, using its cloaking device to even the odds against the much larger and fortified Starfleet vessel.
After some discussion with senior crew members, Rear Admiral Renos arrived at the conclusion that the attack on New Talax was actually a diversionary tactic, devised to distract from the Hierarchy’s real target – the Dyson Sphere and by extension, Outpost Unity.
“Taking into account the relative strategic value of the two main colonies in the vicinity, it became apparent that the Dyson Sphere holds a much bigger reward than New Talax,” explained Admiral Renos. “From the little we know of The Hierarchy, every decision they make is carefully weighed and assessed. They wouldn’t waste resources on an impulsive attack on a tiny Talaxian colony without an ulterior motive.”
With the pressing need to defend Outpost Unity as well as New Talax, the decision was taken to send the Artemis – the Apollo’s Aquarius-class escort ship – to do the job, under the command of First Officer Lieutenant Commander Gogigobo Fairhug.
After some impressive shooting from Tactical Officer Ensign Conrad Adler, the Apollo disabled the enemy vessel for long enough to launch the Artemis with some expert maneuvering from HCO Officers Lieutenant JG Dante Termine on the Apollo bridge and Lieutenant E’riQ on the Artemis.
“According to the manual, launching the Artemis under combat conditions is…erm…less than ideal,” commented Lieutenant E’riQ, “Which was why disabling the Hierarchy battleship was crucial to executing the procedure as safely as possible.”
As the Artemis speeds off to assess the situation at the Dyson Sphere, the Apollo continues to do battle with the Hierarchy ship in order to neutralise the threat and lend aid to the devastated outpost of New Talax.
Written by Jarn Th’Braxa

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