USS Apollo-A fights off Sicarius while helping save an early warp civilization

USS Apollo-A fights off Sicarius while helping save an early warp civilization

NEUTRONIA — While investigating a distress call, the crew of the USS Apollo-A had to fight off Sicarius attackers while helping an early warp civilization prevent a planet-killing disaster.
After crash-landing on the planet of Neutronia, an away team led by Lieutenant Commander Alex Blair was quickly greeted by members of the Neutronian government. These government officials, who were exultant about seeing their first ‘aliens’, were quick to explain to the away team why they had sent the distress call. There was a scientific research project that had the potential to eradicate the planet and its inhabitants unless its power generating capabilities were somehow subdued.
Upon hearing the news, Lt. Cmdr. Blair split the away team into two groups. The first would be led by Lt. Cmdr. Blair and would hold first contact talks with the Neutronian first minister, and the second, led by Lt. Cmdr. Lluneh Walker, was tasked with trying to help solve the technical problem.
Shortly after the groups parted ways, alarms started blaring throughout the complex. The building had been infiltrated by a group of commandos who turned out to be Sicarius agents. During the attack, Lt. Cmdr. Walker, through a byproduct of the experiment, was replaced by her parallel universe brother Captain Ben Walker.
After a brief battle, at the end of which Commander David Cody laid out the framework to infiltrate the Sicarius organization by convincing and agent that he was the group’s leader, the two groups reunited to put in a combined effort to once and for all stop the failed experiment and save the planet.
Meanwhile back on the USS Apollo (NCC 71669-A) the short staffed bridge crew, under the guidance of Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti, had their hands full fighting a small Sicarius attack craft. Deeps in the midst of battle reinforcements arrived in the form of a runabout full of new crew. Once the auxiliary craft docked with the Apollo, their eagerness to help out was voiced through the new tactical officer Lieutenant Commander Vitor Tito.
“Just got yourselves two new doctors, one scientist, one tactical one security, one ops and a helmsman waiting for orders, what’s the word?” he asked.
As the new crew made their way through the ship, the worst case scenario began to play out. The Sicarius found a way to transport onto the Apollo and started to sabotage the ship. The combination of new crew and intruders aboard, everyone was on edge unsure who was authorized to be aboard and who was not. Acting on a spur of genius, Lt. Cmdr. Kevin Breeman released a series of automated drones to help track down intruders.
As the intruders were tracked down, the tactical department on the bridge worked diligently to fend off the attacking ship. Ultimately Breeman and Ensign Gina Es-Aleh concocted a plan that would be a major blow to the attacker. They would breach a subspace layer creating a swirling effect that would be powerful enough to knock back the Sicarius and hopefully end the attack.
With a plan in place, a full spread of torpedoes was launched at a subspace ripple and the resulting feedback pulse was created. This pulse was not only powerful enough to harm the Apollo, but it also destroyed the Sicarius ship. As the Apollo communicated with the away team for the first time, the feedback pulse also played an unexpected part in solving the problems on the surface as well. For the first time since the mission began, things were starting to look good.

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