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January for the USS Avandar

Avandar ThumbnailWith interphasic rifts making navigation around Poseidon increasingly hazardous with their erratic shifting, the crew of the USS Avandar get to work trying to find a way to avoid a potential catastrophe.

Help came from an unexpected angle, with contact being made with the other side of the rifts – and the Rubari, the explorers of their own dimension who were accidentally responsible for what was going on. The Avandar’s missing crew were confirmed to be on the Rubari ship, and it turned out the displacement wasn’t one-sided, with one of their crew lost and confused on the Avandar.

Inter-dimensional collaboration had a plan formed to neutralise the rifts, whilst a plan was worked on to get the stray Rubari back to his own ship. Retrieving the Avandar’s people turned out to be easier than expected, however, when they were caught in another rift – and were dumped into Poseidon’s ocean.

Lieutenant Commander Dickens led a rescue in a shuttlecraft, which very early had an unfortunately wet experience of it’s own, but the pair were recovered safely, and the last preparations to clean up the mess local space/time got under way.

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The Avandar Through December

Avandar ThumbnailWith repairs all but complete and the crew having had a chance for some R&R, the USS Avandar made final preparations to leave Poseidon and resume it’s mission of exploration – only have the ship’s sensors detect a rapidly forming nebula a relatively short distance away from the Poseidon system, with no clue at all as to why it might be appearing. Since the ship was not totally ready for action at that point, a probe was launched to get a closer look at this phenomenon and to see if any hints as to it’s nature could be gleaned.

What actually transpired was even more unexpected. With as little warning as had heralded it’s appearance, the nebula vanished mere moments after the probe detected signs of some form of subspace distortion in the middle of it. The science team, as well as the rest of the crew, had little opportunity to think on this, however, before it reappeared again close enough to cover most of the system, Poseidon and the Avandar included.

With what seem to be a form of interphasic rifts popping in and out of existence around them, the Avandar’s crew are trying hard to work out how to prevent major damage to themselves and the planet, as well as retrieve two of their crewmates who have apparently been lost through a rift that formed inside the ship itself – officers who are now in the middle of possibly the oddest first-contact situation they could have imagined.

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November Plot Summary: USS Avandar

Avandar ThumbnailAfter their time on the far side of Romulan space, the unfortunate events that occurred there, and a far too close for comfort brush with the KDF during the recent conflict, the crew of the USS Avandar were more than happy to take a little time to themselves when the ship arrived at the water world of Poseidon.

With the Avandar‘s share of the refugees from Gateway Station safely transferred to the USS Syria to be given proper care and assistance, and work underway to patch the hole left in the hull by a Klingon boarding craft, nobody wasted much time in getting their feet wet and taking care of some personal business. Whether it was Lieutenant Commander T’Lea’s underwater caving expedition with Ensign Ben’thal, preparations for the beach party the security chief suggested, the purely legalistic wedding of Lieutenant Robins and Chief Valaine, or anything else,  nobody passed up the chance to put recent stressed behind them.

After the chance to blow off some steam, everyone is getting the ship good and ready for its next mission – but have no idea that their next encounter with the unknown is already heading right their way….

October Plot Summary: USS Avandar

In an attempt to prevent the loss of civilian lives, the USS Avandar focussed it’s efforts on trying to stop the swarm of gravimetric mines heading for Gateway Station, it’s tactical crews working hard to shoot the attacking drones down. In the meantime the USS Drake, along with an ad-hoc fighter wing piloted by members of their own crew, as well as volunteers from the Avandar and Gateway Station itself, ran interference to try and make sure the Klingon ships still in the area kept their distance.

The arrival Klingon reinforcements, including a carrier, turned the situation for the worse as far as the Starfleet ships are concerned. In a rather desperate attempt to keep things under control, Captain Vetri tried a diplomatic approach to buy some time. Unfortunately, the attempt didn’t pay off to well – both Starfleet ships found themselves boarded.

Service Ribbons for October

Service Ribbons are in-character awards presented to characters for acts of heroism and participation in plots and campaigns.

Ribbons can be received at any time, but are generally presented alongside crew promotions. It is not uncommon for all members of a crew to receive campaign ribbons.

These brave and honorable members of our group received them in October; please join us in congratulating them.

September Plot Summary: USS Avandar

With tensions high due to the conflict between the Klingon and Romulan Empires, the USS Avandar arrived at its designated patrol area with the intent of trying to keep as good an eye on what was going on across the border as possible without landing itself in undue trouble. This did not go entirely according to plan.

Just as they were getting settled in to their new assignment, the Avandar’s crew received an emergency distress call from another Starfleet vessel – the USS Drake – which reported itself under attack by a Klingon ship. Making best speed to Gateway Station and the Drake’s location, the Avandar was able to make a sufficiently dramatic entrance that the Klingon ship withdrew, leaving the Drake and Avandar to establish just how serious the impact of the attack had been.

It turned out that the impact was quite serious, though not for the reasons first thought. When the alien beacon the Drake’s crew had been working on Gateway Station gave off a significant energy surge, disrupting local subspace, it also uncovered a swarm of gravitic mines the Klingon ship had left behind ass it withdrew – mines that were now homing in on both the beacon and the civilian station it was aboard…

For more, check out the Avandar’s Google Group!

August Plot Summary: USS Avandar

With a little creativity on the part of those aboard the USS Avandar, the Away Team was found once more and returned to the ship – though not totally unscathed by their experiences with the entity they encountered inside the comet. Unfortunately, the crew were not able to take advantage of the opportunity to study what it’s custodian considered an archive of experiences from a number of species as orders came through from Starfleet Command for the Avandar to return to Federation space.

With the Klingon Empire making a move on Romulan territory, the Avandar is redeploying to provide surveillance of as much of the contested region as they can without getting into the line of fire until a more comprehensive sensor network is brought online by another of the ships in the area. With a lot of Starfleet’s assets tied up with other activities, however – many of which are connected to the conflict – it remains to be seen if the Avandar will be able to successfully hold it’s own against the almost inevitable response when their watchful eye is noticed.

For more information, check out the Avandar’s Google Group!

July Plot Summary: USS Avandar

Happy to have the chance to get down to some serious scientific study, the crew of the USS Avandar begin the task of puzzling out all they can about the cosmozoans they have discovered and the deep-space cometary body they are gathering around. The task was made somewhat trickier by the fact a probe launched to get a closer view of both targets was swallowed by what appeared to be a more juvenile creature, whilst the biggest and seemingly oldest of the group held the prime attention of the science and medical teams.

The creatures were not the only puzzle, however. The comet itself gave off some interesting readings, suggesting something beneath the surface, something that strongly resembled a masked chamber of some kind.  Despite the potential hazards of going walkabout on the surface of a comet, the selected away team was eager to get going – an eagerness that lasted right up until they encountered an entity of some kind on the comet and things took a turn for the  the strange.

Now, with the away team completely off sensors and experiencing some very vivid hallucinations apparently caused by the entity, a gas sample from the comet’s corona totally ignoring containment methods after being beamed aboard for study, and an incoming call from Starfleet Command, things have gotten notably more hectic than any of the crew had hoped for in this little endeavor…

For more information, check out the Avandar Google Group!

June Plot Summary: USS Avandar

After bidding farewell to their fallen comrade, the crew of the USS Avandar got back to the business of seeing what mysteries waited for them. Things were not totally smooth sailing, however, as two of the crew still needed further treatment for injuries sustained on the last Away Mission, and the tension it had aroused among the crew caused a number of incidents, including a confrontation between one of the Engineering staff and a Marine that left the CPO Valaine in sickbay (again) and LtCmdr. Eerie and others investigating just what had happened – and why the ship’s internal sensors had failed to record anything at all in the area the incident occurred…

Things settled down quite quickly, however, and the Avandar’s new Chief Science Officer, LtCmdr Sorani, was welcomed aboard, though with perhaps a little less enthusiasm from some quarters as might have been preferred. The crew have something new to focus on now, however, with the discovery of a previously unknown form of apparently space-dwelling life. Eager to get to grips with this new discovery, the Avandar’s officers have begun trying to piece together just why these creatures seem so interested in an apparently utterly mundane comet in deep space…

Follow the crew on the USS Avandar Google Group!

May Plot Summary: USS Avandar

After the Away team’s departure to the Werent outpost, the USS Avandar headed the short distance  to the nearby nebula. Looking for signs of the transport ship that had dropped the beacon they had followed here, the Avandar was still taken somewhat by surprise when the ship responsible for the disappearance – a n old Romulan Warbird commanded by a rogue – attacked from out of the nebula. The resulting conflict was rough, with both the Avandar and the Warbird having to fight the turbulence of the nebula itself as well as the other vessel. Eventually, creative use of the erratic terrain allowed the Avandar to prevail, with the Warbird’s crew abandoning ship.

On the planet, things went equally roughly, with an initially warm and welcoming beginning soon turning into something from a nightmare. Whilst questions still exist as to the exact nature of the creatures that attacked the colony, two things became abundantly clear – Count Iblie, the colony’s ruler, knew all about them… and the closest thing any of the away team could use to describe them was “zombies”.

At LtCmdr T’Lea’s command, the away team made a break for their shuttle, only to find themselves having to fight the monstrosities the whole way. Two of the team were seriously injured in the fighting and for Lt Blackwood, her encounter with the attackers proved fatal.

Now, with the Away Team back on the Avandar, the crew are faced with the decision of just how to proceed after their loss.

Follow the crew on the Avandar Google Group!

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