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December Plot Summary for the USS Avandar

The USS Avandar has been destroyed, torn in two by a giant creature intent on devouring the tasty morsels inside, and with the ruined halves cast onto the surface of a nearby world. Or at least that was what those trapped in a mental construct intended to keep them occupied believed had happened.

For those of the crew *not* caught in the mindscape, the challenge was simply trying to find a way to detach the small entity they had encountered from the ship’s warp core and awaken their crewmates, preferably before anything unfortunate happened to either, or both. Their efforts regarding the creature proved less than successful, however, as their main plan was precisely what resulted in the mindscape – a defensive measure by the creature – to be created in the first place.

Based on the the first, clearest, mental imprint it could find, the entity used the mental outlook of a telepathic toddler to form the basis of the illusion, and it was that self-same framework that rapidly proved the mindscape’s undoing – Starfleet officers not, as a rule, bring inclined to believe in a world made of cartoon characters and toy bricks.

Realising it’s error, and having gleaned enough energy from the warp core to make it to it’s destination, the creature dissolved the illusion and departed, regretting the trouble it had caused and planning to make sure it never went anywhere near a starship again if it could help it…

In the wake of this encounter, it took some major medical work to ensure that the effected crewmembers suffered no ongoing effects, and the crew itself received news that did not bode well for their continued exploration of the L’heia Sector – the Avandar was being recalled, the crew to be reassigned among the fleet whilst the ship itself was used as a test-bed for a number of scientific and engineering protoype programs.

Whilst Starfleet maintains a presence in the Sector, the Avandar’s voyages of exploration are, for now, drawing to a close…

November for the USS Avandar

All crewmembers home safely, and the threat of an uncontrolled Iconian Gateway thoroughly neutralised, the USS Avandar NCC 80203 set a course for somewhere a little less unknown for a chance to take a breath and attend to a few matters that have arisen due to recent events.

Whilst (temporarily) Lieutenant T’Lea is faced with the consequences of her actions concerning the Gateway, Doctor Malon has to do the same – though whilst T’Lea’s demotion has an end in sight, things are far less clear as to whether Malon’s telepathic abilities will recover at all from her efforts to control the Inconian technology.

In the meantime, the newer members of the crew take the chance to begin settling in under more peaceful circumstances – a situation that does not, regrettably, prove long lasting. En route to it’s destination, the USS Avandar encounters something very much out of the ordinary, though investigating quite what it might be initially takes a back seat to the crew having to dealing with the ship being dumped violently out of warp with no warning.

The culprit is soon identified as a biological space-dwelling entity of some kind that attaches itself to the warp core, drawing energy from it and leaving the ship’ systems unbalanced as a result. Quite what it is, what it’s doing, and what it’s reaction will be when something is done about it, are all questions the crew will have to face in the very near future…

October Plot Summary for the USS Avandar

With a combination of luck, skill, and stubborn refusal to fail, the crew of the USS Avandar, NCC 80203, managed to successfully rig the Iconian components they had salvaged into something that worked – worked so well, in fact, that it hijacked the vessel’s main deflector to project a portal into space. Too big for the ship to pass through itself, not to mention the political consequences of a Starfleet ship popping out of nowhere over the Breen home-world, there was plenty of room for a team to take the Avandar’s Waverider shuttle through to snatch their stray colleagues home.

Trading a possible diplomatic incident for the chance of armed conflict, Captain Vetri ordered the shuttle fitted with the Klingon cloaking device that had been tucked securely away on board since an earlier mission, a decision that proved it’s worth when the shuttle was able to retrieve the stranded Away Team from the Breen planet without – as far as anyone can tell so far – being positively identified as a Federation craft.

With the team safely home and being cared for after their more eventful than planned deployment, the Gateway itself dismantled by ejection into space and a torpedo strike to prevent any possible misuse, the USS Avandar, retreated a short distance to make sure there are no residual effects of the portal’s creation before moving on.

September Plot Summary for the USS Avandar

The Away Team from the USS Avandar, NCC 80203 – having narrowly avoided the accidental destruction of the area they had been in by the ship – found themselves in a far different place to the one they had occupied before. The gateway that had sucked them in deposited them in what at first appeared a reasonably pleasant temperate environment. It was only when they began exploring their new surroundings that they discovered that it was nothing more than a simulation intended for training those who had set it up – the Breen.

As the Away Team scrambled to evade capture, the crew of the Avandar set about trying to find out just what had happen to them, and where they had gone. LtCmdr T’Lea, in direct violation of orders, beamed herself down to the team’s last known location and began investigating in person. With the aid of a remote-piloted Workbee, sent to both back her up and drag her back if need be, she managed to salvage the damaged gateway. Work soon began aboard the Avandar not not only track where the team had gone, but also set up a means to get them back.

The Iconian artefact salvaged from Poseidon proved to be the key. Responsible for the random power outages that had begun plaguing the ship, it turned out to be a power source that would reactivate the hastily-repaired gateway and give the Avandar crew a chance of recovering their stray colleagues.

Our History, Our Times: The Aftermath of the Hobus Supernova Part VI

This is the sixth installment of “Our History, Our Times”, a news series that examines Federation history and SB118′s place within that history. This historical news series will continue with the most recent history and make its way back to explore major events and notable SB118 fleet actions. This instalment focuses on the current year (2 years after the Hobus Supernova) and the Battle at Gateway Station.

Battle of Gateway Station:

The USS Drake came under Klingon attack while assisting with repairs on Gateway Station. The USS Avandar, receiving the emergency distress call, arrived and the Klingon ship withdrew. However, it left a series of gravametric mines behind that targeted both fleet ships and the station. The Klingons eventually returned with reinforcements. The Avandar focused on stopping the swarm of gravametric mines while the Drake focused on the Klingon ships. Things looked grim until a second group of KDF vessels arrived on scene and engaged the attacking Klingon forces. The Avandar and Drake evacuated the station population and withdrew to safety.

The tension level was high. The size of the Klingon fleet was unknown, we had no idea how many ships were out there. The Klingon’s battle tactics were very unusual, they seemed content to sit and stare at us rather then engage in fighting, and when they did decide to act it was so surprising, the hit and run maneuver, that we all seemed rather confused.” – 1st Lt. Joseph Dubeau

Though the reasons for the Klingon attack on Gateway station remain relatively unclear, valuable intelligence data on a potential new threat was obtained – cloaked boarding pods. Steps were also taken to develop a new sensor network that would be able to provide high definition observation of the border area and the conflict was prevented from spreading any further into Federation space.

On the Next “Our History, Our Times”:

The Aftermath of the Hobus Supernova Part VII –The Klingon Invasion of Thracian Space

“The fact that the Klingons don’t recognize the Thracian Alliance, and consider them Romulans as well, only helped to catch the fledgling Alliance in the middle of an already nasty situation.” – Captain Kalianna Nicholotti


USS Avandar Plot Summary for August

Another day, another unusual sensor reading – this time relayed to the USS Avandar, NCC-80203, by one of the long-range probes that have been launched to roam the Sector. At first glance the readings appeared to be some sort of energy fluctuation, but as the Avandar closed in on the area to investigate it became clear there was more to it than that.

The source of the readings was traced to beneath the surface of a planetoid that appeared to once have been a significant part of a moon. Also present on the surface, was a seemingly abandoned small craft broadcasting a radio signal who’s translation proved proved very hard indeed. Something about the composition of the rock made scans largely ineffective, but the energy readings that could be analysed showed significant similarities to the signature given off by Iconian technology.

With no intention of leaving something like that laying about, an Away Team was deployed by shuttle to the surface, but almost immediately trouble began. Communications began to fail very quickly, and a storm began moving in on them seemingly from nowhere, and bearing all the signs of being artificially generated.

As the Away Team moved to find shelter, the Avandar searched for some way to both disrupt the storm and regain contact with the team. Unfortunately, the best solution for both of those seemed to be to break up the storm directly – and hope that the crew on the planetoid were not caught in the backlash…

USS Avandar Plot Summary for July

In the wake of the incident with the Alr’n raiders, and the Xomite “peacekeepers” that joined in on the action, the crew of the USS Avandar NCC-80203 headed off in search of whatever new discoveries await them in the L’heia sector. With a number of new officers joining the crew, an informal holodeck get-together was organised to that everyone could take the chance to get acquainted with their new shipmates, as well as take a little time to relax.

The main talking-point of this event turned out to be totally unexpected, at least on the part of most present. A well-laid ambush by the ship’s Helm and History & Archaeology officers left Captain Della Vetri faced with the need to give an answer – in front of the assembled crew – to her bond-mate’s proposal of a traditional marriage.

The happy glow was to be tarnished somewhat, however, the day after the gathering. Revelations of a science project being hidden from most of the senior staff forced something of a showdown between the First Officer and those involved. Given the nature of the item being studied, he did finally accept the need for secrecy… but with the proviso that any further work be done with both his knowledge and full participation.

What will come of this study of a seemingly-innocuous Iconian artefact remains a mystery, but there is little doubt that it could prove either nothing much at all… or very significant indeed.

June for the USS Avandar

The main concern of the USS Avandar’s crew was the continuing clean-up of the mess left in the wake of recent events. In some cases, this was quite literal, but mostly involved more technical areas that helped some of the newly-arrived crew members get to know a few of their colleagues a bit better – whilst making sure the ship didn’t implode.

One area that definitely deserved attention was the Avandar’s tactical systems. With a potential virus-caused issue making itself known during the crew’s face-off with the Xomites, special efforts were made to ensure that everything was back on track with the Avandar’s ability to defend itself, a failure in that regard making most of the rest of the work being done somewhat irrelevant should it be needed…

Not everyone was occupied with this kind of work, however, and the first steps were taken toward a more long-term diplomatic relationship with the trading world of Shalin (with all correspondence from them being tested for malicious code with an almost paranoid level of intensity). The Intelligence department were not idle either, and things have been set in motion to track the Alr’n ship that was the root cause of the Avandar’s recent troubles – and to see if some clue could be gained as to how they’d managed to acquire examples of *Gamma* Quadrant technology…

May for the USS Avandar

Having managed to track at least some of their stolen equipment, the crew of the USS Avandar set about reclaiming it. The Away Team sent to try and achieve this quietly almost managed to do just that – but almost was not quite good enough, and it took some fast talking and a timely beam out to avoid them being arrested for, of all things, theft.

In the meantime, Captain Vetri’s undesired conference trip to Deep Space 6 ended with the arrival of a number of new transfers to the ship’s crew, giving her a great deal more company on the trip back home – a trip that was to prove far more eventful than the last one….

Safe and secure back on the ship, with part of the haul recovered, the crew set course for their next objective to finish the job. This time, things went more smoothly, with smaller teams spreading out to search and recover, and the thieves themselves were successfully tracked down. With the crew back together again – after a rather hair-raising confrontation with the Romulans still living in their old D7 near the Rabbit Hole for the Captain and her companions – the Avandar is now working with the local authorities to close the net on the raiders once and for all…

February for the USS Avandar

Avandar ThumbnailAfter some dealings with the Rubari, a species from the dimension they call Atmospheric Space, a plan was made to close the portal that connected the two universes and the Rubari on board the Avandar was sent to its ship via a rift that formed inside the ship the gate started to close.

When things seemed to be going back to normal and Lt. Cmdr. Dickens returned with Lt. Cmdr. T’Lea and Ensign Jolara from Poseidon, a potential new threat appeared in the form of a Cardassian named Satel that seemed to know a lot more about the crew and their activities than many seemed comfortable with…

After doing her best to spook the crew, she cloaked her ship once more and departed without further incident – which was helpful given that shortly after that a new trade specialist arrived to join the crew and help deal with any cultures the Avandar might find when it returned to the far side of Romulan space.

As some minor checks were done on the ship and after a staff meeting that included revealing the fact that Captain Vetri was being summoned to a security conference, the Avandar is ready for it’s next mission, temporarily under the commanded of First Officer Lt. Cmdr. Marcus Dickens.

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