June for the USS Avandar

June for the USS Avandar

The main concern of the USS Avandar’s crew was the continuing clean-up of the mess left in the wake of recent events. In some cases, this was quite literal, but mostly involved more technical areas that helped some of the newly-arrived crew members get to know a few of their colleagues a bit better – whilst making sure the ship didn’t implode.
One area that definitely deserved attention was the Avandar’s tactical systems. With a potential virus-caused issue making itself known during the crew’s face-off with the Xomites, special efforts were made to ensure that everything was back on track with the Avandar’s ability to defend itself, a failure in that regard making most of the rest of the work being done somewhat irrelevant should it be needed…
Not everyone was occupied with this kind of work, however, and the first steps were taken toward a more long-term diplomatic relationship with the trading world of Shalin (with all correspondence from them being tested for malicious code with an almost paranoid level of intensity). The Intelligence department were not idle either, and things have been set in motion to track the Alr’n ship that was the root cause of the Avandar’s recent troubles – and to see if some clue could be gained as to how they’d managed to acquire examples of *Gamma* Quadrant technology…

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