February for the USS Avandar

Avandar ThumbnailAfter some dealings with the Rubari, a species from the dimension they call Atmospheric Space, a plan was made to close the portal that connected the two universes and the Rubari on board the Avandar was sent to its ship via a rift that formed inside the ship the gate started to close.

When things seemed to be going back to normal and Lt. Cmdr. Dickens returned with Lt. Cmdr. T’Lea and Ensign Jolara from Poseidon, a potential new threat appeared in the form of a Cardassian named Satel that seemed to know a lot more about the crew and their activities than many seemed comfortable with…

After doing her best to spook the crew, she cloaked her ship once more and departed without further incident – which was helpful given that shortly after that a new trade specialist arrived to join the crew and help deal with any cultures the Avandar might find when it returned to the far side of Romulan space.

As some minor checks were done on the ship and after a staff meeting that included revealing the fact that Captain Vetri was being summoned to a security conference, the Avandar is ready for it’s next mission, temporarily under the commanded of First Officer Lt. Cmdr. Marcus Dickens.