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USS Avandar Plot Summary for August

Another day, another unusual sensor reading – this time relayed to the USS Avandar, NCC-80203, by one of the long-range probes that have been launched to roam the Sector. At first glance the readings appeared to be some sort of energy fluctuation, but as the Avandar closed in on the area to investigate it became clear there was more to it than that.

The source of the readings was traced to beneath the surface of a planetoid that appeared to once have been a significant part of a moon. Also present on the surface, was a seemingly abandoned small craft broadcasting a radio signal who’s translation proved proved very hard indeed. Something about the composition of the rock made scans largely ineffective, but the energy readings that could be analysed showed significant similarities to the signature given off by Iconian technology.

With no intention of leaving something like that laying about, an Away Team was deployed by shuttle to the surface, but almost immediately trouble began. Communications began to fail very quickly, and a storm began moving in on them seemingly from nowhere, and bearing all the signs of being artificially generated.

As the Away Team moved to find shelter, the Avandar searched for some way to both disrupt the storm and regain contact with the team. Unfortunately, the best solution for both of those seemed to be to break up the storm directly – and hope that the crew on the planetoid were not caught in the backlash…

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