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USS Avandar Plot Summary for July

In the wake of the incident with the Alr’n raiders, and the Xomite “peacekeepers” that joined in on the action, the crew of the USS Avandar NCC-80203 headed off in search of whatever new discoveries await them in the L’heia sector. With a number of new officers joining the crew, an informal holodeck get-together was organised to that everyone could take the chance to get acquainted with their new shipmates, as well as take a little time to relax.

The main talking-point of this event turned out to be totally unexpected, at least on the part of most present. A well-laid ambush by the ship’s Helm and History & Archaeology officers left Captain Della Vetri faced with the need to give an answer – in front of the assembled crew – to her bond-mate’s proposal of a traditional marriage.

The happy glow was to be tarnished somewhat, however, the day after the gathering. Revelations of a science project being hidden from most of the senior staff forced something of a showdown between the First Officer and those involved. Given the nature of the item being studied, he did finally accept the need for secrecy… but with the proviso that any further work be done with both his knowledge and full participation.

What will come of this study of a seemingly-innocuous Iconian artefact remains a mystery, but there is little doubt that it could prove either nothing much at all… or very significant indeed.

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