September Plot Summary for the USS Avandar

The Away Team from the USS Avandar, NCC 80203 – having narrowly avoided the accidental destruction of the area they had been in by the ship – found themselves in a far different place to the one they had occupied before. The gateway that had sucked them in deposited them in what at first appeared a reasonably pleasant temperate environment. It was only when they began exploring their new surroundings that they discovered that it was nothing more than a simulation intended for training those who had set it up – the Breen.

As the Away Team scrambled to evade capture, the crew of the Avandar set about trying to find out just what had happen to them, and where they had gone. LtCmdr T’Lea, in direct violation of orders, beamed herself down to the team’s last known location and began investigating in person. With the aid of a remote-piloted Workbee, sent to both back her up and drag her back if need be, she managed to salvage the damaged gateway. Work soon began aboard the Avandar not not only track where the team had gone, but also set up a means to get them back.

The Iconian artefact salvaged from Poseidon proved to be the key. Responsible for the random power outages that had begun plaguing the ship, it turned out to be a power source that would reactivate the hastily-repaired gateway and give the Avandar crew a chance of recovering their stray colleagues.

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