October Plot Summary for the USS Avandar

With a combination of luck, skill, and stubborn refusal to fail, the crew of the USS Avandar, NCC 80203, managed to successfully rig the Iconian components they had salvaged into something that worked – worked so well, in fact, that it hijacked the vessel’s main deflector to project a portal into space. Too big for the ship to pass through itself, not to mention the political consequences of a Starfleet ship popping out of nowhere over the Breen home-world, there was plenty of room for a team to take the Avandar’s Waverider shuttle through to snatch their stray colleagues home.

Trading a possible diplomatic incident for the chance of armed conflict, Captain Vetri ordered the shuttle fitted with the Klingon cloaking device that had been tucked securely away on board since an earlier mission, a decision that proved it’s worth when the shuttle was able to retrieve the stranded Away Team from the Breen planet without – as far as anyone can tell so far – being positively identified as a Federation craft.

With the team safely home and being cared for after their more eventful than planned deployment, the Gateway itself dismantled by ejection into space and a torpedo strike to prevent any possible misuse, the USS Avandar, retreated a short distance to make sure there are no residual effects of the portal’s creation before moving on.

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