The Avandar Through December

Avandar ThumbnailWith repairs all but complete and the crew having had a chance for some R&R, the USS Avandar made final preparations to leave Poseidon and resume it’s mission of exploration – only have the ship’s sensors detect a rapidly forming nebula a relatively short distance away from the Poseidon system, with no clue at all as to why it might be appearing. Since the ship was not totally ready for action at that point, a probe was launched to get a closer look at this phenomenon and to see if any hints as to it’s nature could be gleaned.

What actually transpired was even more unexpected. With as little warning as had heralded it’s appearance, the nebula vanished mere moments after the probe detected signs of some form of subspace distortion in the middle of it. The science team, as well as the rest of the crew, had little opportunity to think on this, however, before it reappeared again close enough to cover most of the system, Poseidon and the Avandar included.

With what seem to be a form of interphasic rifts popping in and out of existence around them, the Avandar’s crew are trying hard to work out how to prevent major damage to themselves and the planet, as well as retrieve two of their crewmates who have apparently been lost through a rift that formed inside the ship itself – officers who are now in the middle of possibly the oddest first-contact situation they could have imagined.

Follow the crew of the Avandar into January here!