September Plot Summary: USS Avandar

With tensions high due to the conflict between the Klingon and Romulan Empires, the USS Avandar arrived at its designated patrol area with the intent of trying to keep as good an eye on what was going on across the border as possible without landing itself in undue trouble. This did not go entirely according to plan.

Just as they were getting settled in to their new assignment, the Avandar’s crew received an emergency distress call from another Starfleet vessel – the USS Drake – which reported itself under attack by a Klingon ship. Making best speed to Gateway Station and the Drake’s location, the Avandar was able to make a sufficiently dramatic entrance that the Klingon ship withdrew, leaving the Drake and Avandar to establish just how serious the impact of the attack had been.

It turned out that the impact was quite serious, though not for the reasons first thought. When the alien beacon the Drake’s crew had been working on Gateway Station gave off a significant energy surge, disrupting local subspace, it also uncovered a swarm of gravitic mines the Klingon ship had left behind ass it withdrew – mines that were now homing in on both the beacon and the civilian station it was aboard…

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