August Plot Summary: USS Avandar

With a little creativity on the part of those aboard the USS Avandar, the Away Team was found once more and returned to the ship – though not totally unscathed by their experiences with the entity they encountered inside the comet. Unfortunately, the crew were not able to take advantage of the opportunity to study what it’s custodian considered an archive of experiences from a number of species as orders came through from Starfleet Command for the Avandar to return to Federation space.

With the Klingon Empire making a move on Romulan territory, the Avandar is redeploying to provide surveillance of as much of the contested region as they can without getting into the line of fire until a more comprehensive sensor network is brought online by another of the ships in the area. With a lot of Starfleet’s assets tied up with other activities, however – many of which are connected to the conflict – it remains to be seen if the Avandar will be able to successfully hold it’s own against the almost inevitable response when their watchful eye is noticed.

For more information, check out the Avandar’s Google Group!

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