June Plot Summary: USS Avandar

June Plot Summary: USS Avandar

After bidding farewell to their fallen comrade, the crew of the USS Avandar got back to the business of seeing what mysteries waited for them. Things were not totally smooth sailing, however, as two of the crew still needed further treatment for injuries sustained on the last Away Mission, and the tension it had aroused among the crew caused a number of incidents, including a confrontation between one of the Engineering staff and a Marine that left the CPO Valaine in sickbay (again) and LtCmdr. Eerie and others investigating just what had happened – and why the ship’s internal sensors had failed to record anything at all in the area the incident occurred…
Things settled down quite quickly, however, and the Avandar’s new Chief Science Officer, LtCmdr Sorani, was welcomed aboard, though with perhaps a little less enthusiasm from some quarters as might have been preferred. The crew have something new to focus on now, however, with the discovery of a previously unknown form of apparently space-dwelling life. Eager to get to grips with this new discovery, the Avandar’s officers have begun trying to piece together just why these creatures seem so interested in an apparently utterly mundane comet in deep space…
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