May Plot Summary: USS Avandar

After the Away team’s departure to the Werent outpost, the USS Avandar headed the short distance  to the nearby nebula. Looking for signs of the transport ship that had dropped the beacon they had followed here, the Avandar was still taken somewhat by surprise when the ship responsible for the disappearance – a n old Romulan Warbird commanded by a rogue – attacked from out of the nebula. The resulting conflict was rough, with both the Avandar and the Warbird having to fight the turbulence of the nebula itself as well as the other vessel. Eventually, creative use of the erratic terrain allowed the Avandar to prevail, with the Warbird’s crew abandoning ship.

On the planet, things went equally roughly, with an initially warm and welcoming beginning soon turning into something from a nightmare. Whilst questions still exist as to the exact nature of the creatures that attacked the colony, two things became abundantly clear – Count Iblie, the colony’s ruler, knew all about them… and the closest thing any of the away team could use to describe them was “zombies”.

At LtCmdr T’Lea’s command, the away team made a break for their shuttle, only to find themselves having to fight the monstrosities the whole way. Two of the team were seriously injured in the fighting and for Lt Blackwood, her encounter with the attackers proved fatal.

Now, with the Away Team back on the Avandar, the crew are faced with the decision of just how to proceed after their loss.

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