October Plot Summary: USS Avandar

October Plot Summary: USS Avandar

In an attempt to prevent the loss of civilian lives, the USS Avandar focussed it’s efforts on trying to stop the swarm of gravimetric mines heading for Gateway Station, it’s tactical crews working hard to shoot the attacking drones down. In the meantime the USS Drake, along with an ad-hoc fighter wing piloted by members of their own crew, as well as volunteers from the Avandar and Gateway Station itself, ran interference to try and make sure the Klingon ships still in the area kept their distance.
The arrival Klingon reinforcements, including a carrier, turned the situation for the worse as far as the Starfleet ships are concerned. In a rather desperate attempt to keep things under control, Captain Vetri tried a diplomatic approach to buy some time. Unfortunately, the attempt didn’t pay off to well – both Starfleet ships found themselves boarded.
In an unexpected turn of luck, relief arrived in the form of another group of KDF vessels – who promptly engaged the Klingons already closing and inflicted a number of casualties. Taking advantage of the distraction, both Starfleet crews began evacuating as many of the station’s population as possible before recovering their pilots and breaking off as fast as they could.
With a large hole in the hull from the boarding craft and cargo bays overflowing with refugees, the Avandar parted ways with the Drake and began making it’s way toward somewhere safe they could make repairs and pass the passengers on to those best able to help them.

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