July Plot Summary: USS Avandar

Happy to have the chance to get down to some serious scientific study, the crew of the USS Avandar begin the task of puzzling out all they can about the cosmozoans they have discovered and the deep-space cometary body they are gathering around. The task was made somewhat trickier by the fact a probe launched to get a closer view of both targets was swallowed by what appeared to be a more juvenile creature, whilst the biggest and seemingly oldest of the group held the prime attention of the science and medical teams.

The creatures were not the only puzzle, however. The comet itself gave off some interesting readings, suggesting something beneath the surface, something that strongly resembled a masked chamber of some kind.  Despite the potential hazards of going walkabout on the surface of a comet, the selected away team was eager to get going – an eagerness that lasted right up until they encountered an entity of some kind on the comet and things took a turn for the  the strange.

Now, with the away team completely off sensors and experiencing some very vivid hallucinations apparently caused by the entity, a gas sample from the comet’s corona totally ignoring containment methods after being beamed aboard for study, and an incoming call from Starfleet Command, things have gotten notably more hectic than any of the crew had hoped for in this little endeavor…

For more information, check out the Avandar Google Group!

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