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June Plot Summary: USS Tiger-A

The crew of the USS Tiger A successfully completed their mission to rescue the Tholian scientists from K’tharkk Station.  Having returned the Tholians to their space, the crew found themselves enjoying some much deserved leave.  Being so far away from Deep Space 17, the crew spent leave on the ship enjoying many different activities according to their interests.

On StarDate 238906.29, the ship encountered an unknown vessel on the edges of explored space in the Ithassa Region.  The unknown vessel was traveling at incredible speeds when the Tiger began the pursuit.  As the mystery ship continued to travel at high speed, the Tiger entered a temporal wake that lead to a mini-wormhole. When the Tiger emerged from the wake, it had traveled nearly halfway across the quadrant and the crew found themselves on the outskirts of the Earth’s solar system.

After compiling data, the shocked crew find they traveled back in time to the 1940’s.  The mystery ship arrived decades earlier and crashed in the Arctic.  It is now in pieces buried in a glacier and it appears scientists from the era have taken pieces to study.  To complicate matters further, the trip through time has damaged the Tiger’s warp core and matter/anti-matter injectors.  The crew are currently coming together to assess their situation and try to find a way to return home without disrupting the time line.

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May Plot Summary: USS Tiger-A

The USS Tiger, NCC-52199-A was responding to two distress signals in deep in the Ithassa Triangle, an area legendary for its strange occurrences.  Upon arrival they found a Free Trade Union vessel adrift: the Morgan’s Bounty. The Tiger beamed an away team on board to help with repairs, and found a somewhat receptive (and deceptive) crew.

Meanwhile aboard the Tiger, metron radiation had begun to alter the crew’s perceptions. Console readings would be appear accurate to one, and yet be completely different to another. Engineering was still reeling from the radiation as well, which had caused intermittent loss of power in certain sections.

The other distress signal had come from a nearby Tholian station, the K’Tharkk. The station was tearing itself apart, and the remaining crew and supplies had been forced into a single room. Infested with an unknown disease and plagued by a station rapidly cooling, the Tholians were near death. However without a functioning radiation shield, the Tiger was unable to assist. Things went from bad to worse as the Morgan’s Bounty collided with the K’Tharkk. This luckily brought the vessels together close enough to communicate, and before long the Tiger was able to beam  aboard the Tholian survivors, as well as those on the Morgan’s Bounty.

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April Plot Summary: USS Tiger-A

The second mission and the maiden voyage of the newly commissioned USS Tiger-A has brought the ship and crew to a sector of the Ithassa region known as the “triangle”. As the word suggests, it is a triangular area of space which hugs the Tholian Assembly. The mission assigned to the Tiger is to investigate a distress signal coming from the area, as well as trying to ascertain the reasons as to why so many ships have disappeared in that particular region over the years.

Upon arrival, the Tiger was hit by metron radiation and its effects have begun to manifest with some of the crew. The Tiger also encountered the ship that was placing the distress call and have communicated with it. The Tiger is preparing to send an away team to help with repairs and to deal with the radiation. A second, much larger vessel, has also been detected. As of this writing, it is unconfirmed as to what that vessel is exactly, due to the area’s surrounding environment lessening the sensors’ abilities. However, it’s distance has been measured at 1 AU from the Tiger’s location. The Tiger has yet to encounter interference or resistance from the Tholians themselves.

March Plot Summary: USS Tiger-A

The crew of the USS Tiger-A have left Deep Space 17 on their maiden voyage, assigned to deep space exploration, heading for uncharted areas of the Ithassa Region, near and beyond Tholian space.  Before heading out on this long term mission, Deep Space 17 picked up a faint distress signal which appeared to be coming from a Tholian ship in an area called “The Triangle,” a region where instrumentation goes haywire, ships disappear and there are happenings which cannot be explained.

February Plot Summary: USS Tiger-A

The unknown lifeform near Eratis, the neturon star in the Ithassa Region, continued to drain energy creating a crisis not only for DS17 and the USS Tiger, but for the entire sector.  With half the crew missing and trapped on the holodeck and with the Romulans demanding justice the situation looked bleak.  Just as a firefight was about to erupt between the Tiger and the Romulan ship, it was revealed the entire mission had been a holodeck team building simulation to determine if the crew was ready to undertake a new dangerous mission to the far reaches of the Ithassa Region.

The shocked crew were then put on shore leave to recover. Over the course of leave the crew have been working on finding a cure for Lieutenant Eyas Wulfantine, who contracted an illness which caused a metamorphosis in his DNA structure, and pursuing their own personal interests.

The crew continues to enjoy shore leave until their next mission.

January Plot Summary: USS Tiger-A

The USS Tiger-A crew’s team building mission to Camelot on the holodeck was cut short by the appearance of a strange new lifeform near the neutron star Eratis.  The entity appeared to be feeding off the stars energy which had the potential to cause the stars collapse.

The situation was complicated by the appearance of Eratis, the queen of the Erati who live within the star.  Eratis made contact with Captain Riley’s mind and the situation continued to deteriorate as Romulan warbirds entered the system demanding the right to kill the creature they believed caused the explosion of Hobus.

December Plot Summary For The USS Tiger-A

After the unveiling of the new USS Tiger-A, its crew participated in a team building exercise in the holodeck. The mission centered around King Arthur and Camelot with each crew member assuming one of the characters from the historical account. LtCmdr Darius Clack was King Arthur while Captain Sidney Riley was Guinevere. The remainder of the crew made up the various members of Arthur’s Knights. The mission began with the goal of trying to locate Arthur’s sword Excalibur.

Independence-A/Tiger-A Plot Summary For November

The crew of the USS Independence-A started the month under attack by three Klingon ships in the Mirror Universe. They were forced to abandon ship and commandeer the abandoned USS Tiger in an attempt to return home. The Independence was destroyed in a massive explosion to prevent the Klingons from taking the ship. The explosion also helped to stabilize the wormhole to send the crew back home to the regular universe.

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