April Plot Summary: USS Tiger-A

The second mission and the maiden voyage of the newly commissioned USS Tiger-A has brought the ship and crew to a sector of the Ithassa region known as the “triangle”. As the word suggests, it is a triangular area of space which hugs the Tholian Assembly. The mission assigned to the Tiger is to investigate a distress signal coming from the area, as well as trying to ascertain the reasons as to why so many ships have disappeared in that particular region over the years.

Upon arrival, the Tiger was hit by metron radiation and its effects have begun to manifest with some of the crew. The Tiger also encountered the ship that was placing the distress call and have communicated with it. The Tiger is preparing to send an away team to help with repairs and to deal with the radiation. A second, much larger vessel, has also been detected. As of this writing, it is unconfirmed as to what that vessel is exactly, due to the area’s surrounding environment lessening the sensors’ abilities. However, it’s distance has been measured at 1 AU from the Tiger’s location. The Tiger has yet to encounter interference or resistance from the Tholians themselves.