Independence-A/Tiger-A Plot Summary For November

The crew of the USS Independence-A started the month under attack by three Klingon ships in the Mirror Universe. They were forced to abandon ship and commandeer the abandoned USS Tiger in an attempt to return home. The Independence was destroyed in a massive explosion to prevent the Klingons from taking the ship. The explosion also helped to stabilize the wormhole to send the crew back home to the regular universe.

Upon returning to Deep Space 17, a promotion ceremony was held for the crew along with the unveiling of the newly constructed USS Tiger-A, the sixth Prometheus class vessel built in the Fleet. Chief Engineer Lieutenant JG Luna Walker received a commendation placed in her permanent record for her efforts in keeping the Independence running despite insurmountable opposition during their time in the Mirror Universe. Lieutenant Jade Shryker also received a commendation for her loyalty and dedication during the mission. She was also promoted to the position of Chief of Security.

After the ceremony the crew began to recover from the ordeal in the Mirror Universe and began to explore their new home. Each of the crew dealt with their own feelings surrounding the loss of the Independence. Most of the crew began to replace personal items they had lost in an effort to bring some sense of normalcy back to their lives.

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  1. Eyas / Graven

    Congrats to those commended, and also well done to Velana and Zinna getting promoted to JayGees.