June Plot Summary: USS Tiger-A

The crew of the USS Tiger A successfully completed their mission to rescue the Tholian scientists from K’tharkk Station.  Having returned the Tholians to their space, the crew found themselves enjoying some much deserved leave.  Being so far away from Deep Space 17, the crew spent leave on the ship enjoying many different activities according to their interests.

On StarDate 238906.29, the ship encountered an unknown vessel on the edges of explored space in the Ithassa Region.  The unknown vessel was traveling at incredible speeds when the Tiger began the pursuit.  As the mystery ship continued to travel at high speed, the Tiger entered a temporal wake that lead to a mini-wormhole. When the Tiger emerged from the wake, it had traveled nearly halfway across the quadrant and the crew found themselves on the outskirts of the Earth’s solar system.

After compiling data, the shocked crew find they traveled back in time to the 1940’s.  The mystery ship arrived decades earlier and crashed in the Arctic.  It is now in pieces buried in a glacier and it appears scientists from the era have taken pieces to study.  To complicate matters further, the trip through time has damaged the Tiger’s warp core and matter/anti-matter injectors.  The crew are currently coming together to assess their situation and try to find a way to return home without disrupting the time line.

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