December Plot Summary For The USS Tiger-A

After the unveiling of the new USS Tiger-A, its crew participated in a team building exercise in the holodeck. The mission centered around King Arthur and Camelot with each crew member assuming one of the characters from the historical account. LtCmdr Darius Clack was King Arthur while Captain Sidney Riley was Guinevere. The remainder of the crew made up the various members of Arthur’s Knights. The mission began with the goal of trying to locate Arthur’s sword Excalibur.

Halfway through the mission, Guinevere was thrown from her horse and had to be escorted out of the holodeck by several other crew members. Darius Clack continued the training mission with the remaining members of the crew despite the departure of the others. Captain Riley and others upon returning discovered a strange space like slug that threatened Eratis and the DS 17 station itself. The entire crew was recalled as a result of the disturbing events that unfolded suddenly.