May Plot Summary: USS Tiger-A

The USS Tiger, NCC-52199-A was responding to two distress signals in deep in the Ithassa Triangle, an area legendary for its strange occurrences.  Upon arrival they found a Free Trade Union vessel adrift: the Morgan’s Bounty. The Tiger beamed an away team on board to help with repairs, and found a somewhat receptive (and deceptive) crew.

Meanwhile aboard the Tiger, metron radiation had begun to alter the crew’s perceptions. Console readings would be appear accurate to one, and yet be completely different to another. Engineering was still reeling from the radiation as well, which had caused intermittent loss of power in certain sections.

The other distress signal had come from a nearby Tholian station, the K’Tharkk. The station was tearing itself apart, and the remaining crew and supplies had been forced into a single room. Infested with an unknown disease and plagued by a station rapidly cooling, the Tholians were near death. However without a functioning radiation shield, the Tiger was unable to assist. Things went from bad to worse as the Morgan’s Bounty collided with the K’Tharkk. This luckily brought the vessels together close enough to communicate, and before long the Tiger was able to beam  aboard the Tholian survivors, as well as those on the Morgan’s Bounty.

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