February Plot Summary: USS Tiger-A

February Plot Summary: USS Tiger-A

The unknown lifeform near Eratis, the neturon star in the Ithassa Region, continued to drain energy creating a crisis not only for DS17 and the USS Tiger, but for the entire sector.  With half the crew missing and trapped on the holodeck and with the Romulans demanding justice the situation looked bleak.  Just as a firefight was about to erupt between the Tiger and the Romulan ship, it was revealed the entire mission had been a holodeck team building simulation to determine if the crew was ready to undertake a new dangerous mission to the far reaches of the Ithassa Region.
The shocked crew were then put on shore leave to recover. Over the course of leave the crew have been working on finding a cure for Lieutenant Eyas Wulfantine, who contracted an illness which caused a metamorphosis in his DNA structure, and pursuing their own personal interests.
The crew continues to enjoy shore leave until their next mission.

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