March Plot Summary: USS Tiger-A

The crew of the USS Tiger-A have left Deep Space 17 on their maiden voyage, assigned to deep space exploration, heading for uncharted areas of the Ithassa Region, near and beyond Tholian space.  Before heading out on this long term mission, Deep Space 17 picked up a faint distress signal which appeared to be coming from a Tholian ship in an area called “The Triangle,” a region where instrumentation goes haywire, ships disappear and there are happenings which cannot be explained.

En route to the location of the distress call, crew members have been researching what is known about the area of space as well as the Tholians.  The possibility of an incident involving the Tholians is foremost in everyones’ minds and the crew is making every effort to avoid such a scenario.  It has been suggested that perhaps the Tholians are involved in nefarious activities outside their space, possibility dealing with the use of tricobalt weapons.

Unbeknownst to the crew, Free Trade Union pirates are also in the area looking for treasure and opportunities.  Their ship however has run into an unknown object in space and they have had to send out a distress call.  The Tiger has not yet picked up the signal at this time.

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