January Plot Summary: USS Tiger-A

January Plot Summary: USS Tiger-A

The USS Tiger-A crew’s team building mission to Camelot on the holodeck was cut short by the appearance of a strange new lifeform near the neutron star Eratis.  The entity appeared to be feeding off the stars energy which had the potential to cause the stars collapse.
The situation was complicated by the appearance of Eratis, the queen of the Erati who live within the star.  Eratis made contact with Captain Riley’s mind and the situation continued to deteriorate as Romulan warbirds entered the system demanding the right to kill the creature they believed caused the explosion of Hobus.

The Romulan Commander however, following his own agenda, sent an operative to the Tiger to sabotage the ship and torture the crew.  The Romulan spy led security on a wild goose chase through the ship to the holodeck, where half the crew were forced to participate in gladiator style games.  Meanwhile, the unknown entity has continued to feed off energy from Eratis causing a crisis for the entire sector.
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