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August plot summary for Victory

The USS Victory, NCC-362447, had spent two weeks on shore leave at StarBase 118, and after some interesting interviews from Starfleet Intelligence, they were cleared and allowed to begin shore leave. The crew got the rest they need and once the USS Victory was ready, they began to make their way back to the Tempest Sector. On the way, they received a distress call from what appeared to be the USS Victory. They found an Intrepid class ship, and after no response Lt. Cmdr Eerie took an away team and found Captain Sundassa Faranster and a few other survivors. This Victory was from the future. It appeared that the ship came from a future stardate in 2414.

The future Victory was in horrible shape and the crew was then evacuated to the present day Victory before their own ship was destroyed. Commander Nugra and Captain Faranster quickly spoke and found that in the future, their nemesis, the Hunger, had destroyed the known galaxy and the reason she had come back into the past was to destroy their ability to enter the galaxy before they unleashed their terror on the known species.

July plot summary for the Victory

The USS Victory, NCC-362447, had been in orbit around G-2210-C, known by the local region as Paksos, for a few hours and their investigation in to the Hunger had already hit snags. With two away teams out, one on the surface of the jungle world lead by Lieutenant Commander Eerie and the other on the orbital station led by Commander Alucard Vess, they both faced a crisis.

Commander Eerie’s team had been unknowingly infected with a virus that has caused varied, but extremely painful symptoms among the team. Commander Vess’ group discovered that the orbital station was semi-sentient and did not appreciate them being there. The Victory herself had been caught in a gravimetric field that was going to shred them apart if they could not escape and had a Tholian squadron enroute to their position. The situation looked hopeless.

That did not stop the crew of the Victory. Discovering that quantum torpedoes could temporarily disrupt the energy field entrapping their ship, the bridge crew was able to implement a plan that allowed them to beam their crew to safety and also disrupt the field and escape. For the first time on the mission, something went according to plan and the Victory was able to get away.

Now on course for Starbase 118 to rest and recuperate, there is an ominous feeling that though they learned a bit about their ancient enemy, there was more to be found in the tempest sector.

June plot summary for the USS Victory

Life has been hectic for people newly stationed to the USS Victory, NCC-362447. With the sudden transfers to the newly re-commissioned USS Victory, the crew has had little time to get acquainted before being sent to the tempest sector on an urgent mission. What made this even more interesting was that the sector was galactic south of the enigmatic Tholian holdfast.

With a top secret mission to investigate a planet whose coordinates were given from an ancient alien data cube on Duronis II, it is believed that it could be the key to understand an alien menace that has only been hinted at in the information extracted from the cube.

Upon arrival to the planet of Paksos II, they find a long dead civilization, ancient stations in orbit and to make matters far more volatile, a Tholian patrol corvette that arrived to threaten the USS Victory if it does not leave immediately. Only time will tell how this new crew will escape the perils of this mission.

Congratulations on Ten Years, USS Victory

On May 24, 2002 the first sim was submitted in the history of the USS Victory. The ship would launch a few days later under the command of Commander Jordan Hurne as a split from the Kodiak-A. That was ten years ago. Voyager had just finished its run and Enterprise was airing new episodes. There were no such things as smartphones and social networking was in its infancy. The Victory would see much change over her run. She served as both an independent ship as well as a support vehicle for Starbase 118 Operations. Five different commanding officers would take her captain’s chair. The Victory would also spawn several splits of her own including the Columbia under Captain Mal Avatar and the Aurora under Captain Megan Parker. The ship would also later be the first command of Captain Andrus Jaxx.

Ops plot summary for May

Upon receiving his promotion, Captain Andrus Jaxx was assigned command of StarBase 118. The news was delivered while the starbase’s support ship, the USS Victory, received some upgrades and routine maintenance. As the ship and crew departed McKinley Station in the Sol System, they were set to test new power upgrades to the impulse engines. As the engines were activated there was a violent shudder, and a bright flash. The crew found themselves only seconds away from a collision, with no power to the helm. Luckily, the transporters were working and they were able to transport the inhabitants of the craft over, before the tiny ship impacted on the Victory’s hull. After immediate analysis, and realizing what happened, the crew found themselves in the Sol System in the year 1969, and the craft they hit was the Apollo 11 spacecraft. The crew must scramble to make sure history repeats itself and they complete their moon landing or risk changing the future that they know.

Victory plot summary for April

USS EagleShore leave on Earth was cut short and all members of the crew were recalled to the ship for a reception honoring the promotion of Captain Andrus Jaxx. Fleet Captain Sidney Riley arrived fairly suddenly as most of the crew were still making it back aboard. She presented the new Captain with his promotion in person and stayed only for a short few hours to celebrate the promotion.

With plenty of new tech being tested on the USS Victory NCC-362447, the crew has started preparing to ship out for their next mission. Though they don’t know it, Captain Jaxx has requested a transfer for the crew to StarBase 118 Operations in light of the news that Lieutenant JG Tressa is pregnant.

USS Victory Crew Moves to Ops

With the promotion of Commander Jaxx to Captain Jaxx, there’s one more surprise in store for the crew of the USS Victory: reassignment!

Whenever a player in UFOP: StarBase 118 reaches the OOC and IC rank of Captain, they are permitted to choose their preferred command. Accordingly, Captain Jaxx has selected StarBase 118: Operations as his command.

The Victory herself will be replacing the USS Tiger as the station’s dedicated support ship, allowing the crew to venture off the base when duty calls them away.

Meanwhile, the Ops crew will meet a cast of characters unseen on any StarFleet ship, from StarBase 118’s Black Tower intelligence officers to the lounge lizards of Mundok’s Bar in “the Dungeon.”

We all wish Captain Jaxx and his crew the best with his new assignment!

Victory plot summary for March

USS EagleWith everyone on board, save the deceased Petty Officer Alice May, the USS Victory, NCC-362447 heads for Earth to enjoy a much needed shore leave. Along the way, the ship met up with a transfer ship and handed off the Romulan Senator Kaitak, who had been rescued from Decas IV. Once the transfer was complete, the Victory made her way to the Sol System for repairs and a refit before heading back towards Starbase 118. Many of the Terran’s have gone home, while other members of the crew get to know each other.

The new counselor, Ensign Dranzer Damaer, is being met with mixed feelings. While some of the crew has gone out of their way to make her at home, other members, such as those who hold grudges against the Cardassians during the war, are doing the best that they can to avoid her. As she is the only counselor aboard the Victory, many Betazoid crewmembers are having a difficult time dealing with the attack on Betazed on their own.

Victory plot summary for February

After their first communication with the USS Victory, Chief Petty Officer Radi Rais is sent out on another shuttle to locate and pick up the team once they had located the Senator. Conditions in the atmosphere worsen, and though the shuttle avoids the problems that had plagued the first one, they are unable to locate the team at first. Meanwhile, the away team enters the edge of the city and is met with a rather friendly holographic security guard. Moments later, the lights of a transporter beam appear close by. The Senator and his aide appear just moments before a very angry Tal Shiar agent in a vehicle. The shuttle locates the crew as they realize who the Senator is and move to protect him. Speeding closer, the Tal Shiar agent begins firing at the group as they fold into the open shuttle door. Things become chaotic and shots are fired from both sides. As the final officers stepped up into the shuttle, one lucky shot found home. The weapon had been set on the highest setting, and Petty Officer First Class May was instantly disintegrated. With the Senator in tow, the shuttle returns to the Victory to find it in a standoff with a Romulan warbird. Quick thinking allows the ship to escape, and begin their trek back to the Starbase where they would be able to come to terms with the death of May.

Victory plot summary for January

The USS Victory, NCC-36244 is in orbit of Decas IV. A high ranking pro-Federation Senator has gone into hiding and the crew of the Victory was sent to help him. The Tal Shiar had begun assassinating what was left of the government, to attain power. With an away team on the ground, and few methods of communication, the crew of the Victory must find a place to hide, while they wait to hear from the away team. Conditions on the surface are harsh. The atmosphere is dangerous, and communications, transporters, and thorough sensor readings are sparse. After surviving a rough decent and severe damage to the shuttle-craft Bach, the team is regrouping and heading toward the first rendezvous point for contact.

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