Ops plot summary for May

Upon receiving his promotion, Captain Andrus Jaxx was assigned command of StarBase 118. The news was delivered while the starbase’s support ship, the USS Victory, received some upgrades and routine maintenance. As the ship and crew departed McKinley Station in the Sol System, they were set to test new power upgrades to the impulse engines. As the engines were activated there was a violent shudder, and a bright flash. The crew found themselves only seconds away from a collision, with no power to the helm. Luckily, the transporters were working and they were able to transport the inhabitants of the craft over, before the tiny ship impacted on the Victory’s hull. After immediate analysis, and realizing what happened, the crew found themselves in the Sol System in the year 1969, and the craft they hit was the Apollo 11 spacecraft. The crew must scramble to make sure history repeats itself and they complete their moon landing or risk changing the future that they know.