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Victory plot summary for December

USS VictoryThe USS Victory, NCC-36244 was on shore leave when the crew received word that the Hobus Star had become unstable. After a quick briefing, they were dispatched as part of a second wave effort to evacuate Romulus. While en route, the crew had their annual Officers Banquet. During the banquet the Commander Andrus Jaxx was notified that the Hobus Star had gone supernova. Holding onto this information, Jaxx is allowing his crew to enjoy the rest of their evening before relaying the news.

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Victory plot summary for November

The crew of the USS Victory returned to StarBase 118 for repairs. During their previous mission they had taken a small amount of damage from Romulan ships inside the Azure Nebula. Once the ship was docked Shore Leave began for most of the crew. A small group of officers were sent (voluntarily) on a mission transporting Romulan prisoners. At the same time, our Engineering department is testing the warp systems in a modified Runabout, designed for prisoner transport. As most of the crew is winding down, there is trouble brewing not too far from the Neutral Zone. The word is starting to trickle down that Romulus may be in trouble.

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New Victory Website Launches

The USS Victory has launched a new website, which can be found at: Take a look to see what’s fresh!

Monthly Ship Summary: Victory/Columbia

The Victory and Columbia are still on their joint mission to explore the Kentic plans considering humanoid life in the quadrant as we know it. It is the hope of both Captain Hurne and Captain Avatar that the combined efforts of both ships and crew will ensure any and all Kentic invasion plans will fail before deployment.

Monthly Ship Summary: Victory

Victory began the month still rendering aid to people of Pelham IV. LtCmdr. Phoenix and his team had been captured by rebel forces and were held and interrogated.

Monthly Ship Summary: Victory

The starship Victory is currently in orbit around the planet Pelham IV. The planet is at this moment diplomatically unstable and the formation of several rebel factions threaten peace planet wide.

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