Monthly Ship Summary: Victory/Columbia

Monthly Ship Summary: Victory/Columbia

The Victory and Columbia are still on their joint mission to explore the Kentic plans considering humanoid life in the quadrant as we know it. It is the hope of both Captain Hurne and Captain Avatar that the combined efforts of both ships and crew will ensure any and all Kentic invasion plans will fail before deployment. After a swift but fierce battle with some stolen Hyrook vessels, the transport ship, SS Maelstrom, was boarded by a mixed team from both ships in a response to its SOS. It soon appeared this transport ship was part of an elaborate Kentic plot to infiltrate both Federation ships.

The Kentic partially succeeded in their plot, as the Columbia is currently under control by Kentic forces. Columbia fired upon Victory, causing critical damage to its engines and communication arrays. Licking her wounds, Victory is being prepared to pursuit the Columbia before it arrives at SB118.

Currently there are two away teams, one under the command of Captain Avatar and one under the command of Commander Parker. Burdened with the tasks of exploring Kentic prime and investigating a possible Kentic listening post, both teams have set course away from both Starfleet ships. Though the situation looks grim with the Columbia under Kentic command, both crews must succeed as the future of the Federation and thus Sb118 hangs in the balance.

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